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Default Canon S30

I think I know the answer but can someone confirm that digiscoping with a Canon Powershot S30 is not possible because the lens & scope cannot be connected.



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Hi Ryan,
You would pretty much have to hold the camera up to the scope to do it. The only way to know for sure if it would work would be to try it. In the early days before adapters to connect cameras to telescopes, some pioneers used a variety of things such as two tripods. One tripod held the camera and the other the scope. You could adjust one to hold the camera in proximity to the scope and then fiddle with both until you had a subject in view and then take the shot. Not very feasible, but there were some good shots made that way.

Best regards,

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I think eagle-eye have a work around for cameras without a filter thread for digiscoping....though whether the Canon S30 is suitable for digiscoping is another matter. A company in the U.K. (SRB) do a device to give a filter/accessory thread for cameras without them...works from the tripod socket.
Andy B
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Default Adapter for camera's without filter threads

Hi, check out http://scopetronix.com/ They have a wide varity of adapters for all types of cameras, and I have seena mount they sell specifically for camera's without filter threads. It appears to be an adjustable bracket, that holds the camera from it's tripod mount, and allows you to ajdust it so that it mates with your eyepiece. I do not have any affiliation with them, I just own a very difficult camera to adapt to any scope. However I really love my Olympus 2500-L, I ended up making an adapter to use it with my Dynascope RV-6 reflector.
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