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Default C5700 and digiscoping?

Has anyone considered the 5700 camera and digiscoping?

Questions I would have are weight, adaptors, operating in low light, use of 8* zoom etc.

I see that the 4500 is the natural progression for 9 series users.
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I'm sure Thad won't mind me putting up this post of his to digiscopingbirds group.

"I have the 5700 in hand, and was excited that my adapter worked great with
Now the bad news. The 5700 vignettes badly, even hand held except at 2.6x
digital zoom. That makes the scope and camera so long , even with "only" the
20x ocular that it is almost impossible to use for birding, though it maybe
OK for astronomical use. It is also not terribly bright at that
I thought that the lens glass diameter of 33 mm approx would be perfect.
Alas, it seems not to be so. I will experiment with it some more and hope to
come up with something.
This is really bad news for me, as the camera is wonderful for general
photography. The image quality is superb, not much noticable difference
between images shot with this and the D100. Really. It is just the right kind
of small that makes you want to have it with you at all times, while being
exceptionally easy to hold and handle.
The stupid stuff Nikon did, like not providing filter threads is being
addressed by 3 parties. I am able to use it with my studio strobes with great
Looks like the 4500 is the only way to go for digiscopers at the moment."

Posted by Thad Piet on digiscopingbirds group
Reposted by Andy Bright,
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