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Default Digiscoping 'Balance bar'

I had a go at making a 'balance bar' yesterday....basically a device to help balance the outfit, moving the scope further forward of the tripod head. With a camera on one end of the scope, it can make life a bit awkward...some tripod heads (the Birder's choice, Manfrotto/Bogen 128rc) can't be locked tight enough to stop the camera end drooping down.
I used a heavy strip of metal (similar to a flash bracket)...a slot down the middle of this bracket allows the scope to slide backwards and forwards (but lockable) to suit various balances....e.g. when you take the camera off.
Personally, my Velbon head is rock solid.....but the improved balance makes panning/tilting after a bird a bit easier.
Another problem that it helps is the use in hides/blinds with a hideclamp, the camera end can often end up way back and make use uncomfortable without standing behind the benches (I like sitting down and digiscoping!)
Andy B,
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that is an impressive setup
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Default Great Idea, Andy...

(I like sitting down and digiscoping!)
Hi Andy, this appeals to me too!

That looks like a great idea. Sometimes when I have my hand's full trying to track a bird and I need to adjust the vertical, I've "clunked" the system when the lens weight causes the whole front end to drop. With the extra battery attached and some other peripherals, it can work just the opposite so this sliding balance system is a great idea. My system, like yours, is rock solid, but sometimes I long for a lighter load and have thought about a heavy duty ball head which should make things smoother, but hate to give up the levels and super heavy duty plate of my Bogen 3057, but sometimes I loose a shot by having to take my eyes off the bird to adjust the thing. I think I'll try your idea because it should make adjustments much smoother!

Best regards,

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