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Default Digiscoping Remote control


I'm wondering what sort of features people are looking for in a remote control for microscope / telescope use. Obviously vibration is the issue stimulating the need for the remote in the first place, so shutter release is a clear requirement. Beyond that, what other things would be desirable?

This is not a passive question... I'm the designer of the DigiSnap products at Harbortronics (www.harbortronics.com). I'm in the process of extending the firmware for the DigiSnap 2000 series, and could consider some additional features if there's a need. If the DigiSnap 2000 series isn't optimum, then we could consider other products as well... There seems to be a lot more activity than in my forum, so I thought I'd ask here!

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi Mark, I remember speaking to you ages ago.
I.R. shutter release would be the dream of digiscopers...a small receiver unit plugged into the usb socket of the camera? Maybe the I.R. receiver at the end of a short flexible usb cable to be fixed (velcro?) where-ever?
Andy B,
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Hi Mark,
I would tend to agree with Andy - that if it's feasible, an IR release could be very useful.

I suspect that it might have a broader use than just for digiscopers. For the digiscoper, there is no overarching need to set focus and zoom by remote - though it definitely is a handy feature. The real necessity is to be able to trip the shutter at the precise moment just as if doing it by hand. The unfortunate delay between the signal by remote switch and the actual shutter release is annoying. Whether there is any way around this is quite another issue - but if there is, it would definitely work to the advantage of the digiscoper.

You have some wonderful products - it's great to see you consider branching even further!

Best regards,

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Default Further control in remote

I would agree that shorter elapsed time between selection and release would be beneficial.

In addition I would also suggest in order of priority
a) half cocked shutter to initiate and hold and then release focus lock
b) focus area selection - 5 areas on the C5000
c) under over exposure adjustment

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