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Cooly-o wrote:
StanV wrote:
...Maybe west coast beaches are a lot bigger - I've never been there.....
StanV thanks for the totally hip and pertinent pic. Many west coast beaches (southern cali) might be as you'd expect (i.e. wouldn't make youask about digiscoping). But I went to San Onofre (between Huntington Beach and San Diego) and I was really impressed by this beach. See http://ci.san-clemente.ca.us/sc/Rec/Surf/Tour/

The picture at the above site looks to be high tide but I got there at low tide (which exaggerates a bit what I point out below). To make a long story short, San Onofre gradually gets deep so the waves stay up for a very long time which makes it a great place for longboarding. But the surfers stay way more out than usual to catch the first wave breaks. This made my 3x Coolpix times 3x TC-E3 (= 9x) a joke. Alias, I wanted more zoom factor. I recently picked up the 5X OpticZoom and I'm hoping I can i can get more than 15x out of my3x Coolpix and OpticZoom combo. My hope is with integrating a TC-E2 or a TC-E3 with Coolpix plus 5x OpticZoom (yielding potentially 30x or 45x respectively).

Anyone have this setup (i.e. Coolpix > OpticZoom > TC-E2 or TC-E3)???? If so, any comments?? Where can I get a reasonable priced 37mm to 28mm "converter" ring (i.e. step down ring)????? Ref: http://www.photosolve.com/main/product/rings/ring_conv.html
Yes, I used to use my CP950, CP990 or CP4500 with the OpticZoom 5X and an Olympus B300 (now called the TCON-17) stacked. Here's a link to some of the sample frames I keep on my site with this combination: You really can't stack the TC-E2 on the end of the OpticZoom, but you can do it the opposite with with the TC-2 attached to the camera and the OpticZoom attached to the TC-E2.


Follow the sequence on the lake to see native wide angle through native zoom to with 5x to stacked 5x plus Olympus B-300 (now sold as TCON-17)....

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