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Default LCD hood

I am trying to decide which one to get. Thinking of: Hoodman LCD Sunshade and Extend-A-View 2xLoupe.
What are pros and cons of these?
First I thought of Extend-A-View but I was afraid that with this "device" I would have to get my eye very close to the loupe (maybe even touching) which doesn't seem to me very practical for most of my purposes.
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I've concluded that the best choice depends on the subject matter.

If you're trying to photograph a subject that's on its own (and maybe not moving very much) even a simple sunshade is fine. You can frame the subject in the LCD screen and (depending on your camera) rely on the focus lamp to tell you that you're ok in that department. I also find, very importantly, that with the CP4500 you can have your tripod set-up for maximum stability and still use the LCD screen by taking advantage of the rotation of the camera body versus the lens.

However, if I'm trying to photograph a particular wader moving through a flock I can "loose track" of the bird - simply because my eyesight isn't good enough to get close up to the screen. You start on a Curlew Sandpiper and end up with a Dunlin ! That's where the Extend-A-View should be a help.
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I can't see why putting your eye up to the rubber eye-cup of the Xtend-a-view is a problem.... you'd be doing the same if you were looking into the scope eyepiece for conventional viewing, you'd also be doing almost the same thing if you were using a conventional slr camera by putting your eye up to the viewfinder.

With the Hoodman you cannot put your eye up to the fabric because your eye won't be able to focus on the monitor from this distance.

The Extend-a-view's lens corrects for this but can give a slightly pixellated view of the monitor, not so bad on the cp4500 but can look poor on the older Nikons. I find critical focusing easier with the 2x of the Xtend-a-view despite the pixellated view.

I have the Hoodman and the Xtend-a-view... the Hoodman hasn't been used for over two years!

Best regards,
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Thanks for the information. OK, I will buy Exten-a-View.
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