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Default Animated Snowglobes.....

With Christmas rapidly approaching, some like to create electronic cards and such to send friends online. There has been an ongoing interest in the electronic "snowglobe" and I've been animating them with snow for some time. I believe in "realism" in my snowglobes and a couple years ago began looking for a really good basic Photoshop action to create a very nice globe. I found what I believe to be the finest Photoshop action to create a snowglobe at the site of Panos Efstatiadis, an extremely talented Greek Photoshop master (panosfx.com) and decided I would try to "animate" the Panos snowglobe with realism using my favorite presentation slideshow software, PicturesToExe (PTE). The result was a success and Panos and I decided to create a way to allow users of his free Photoshop SnowGlobe action to create their own animated snowglobes.

To accomplish this requires PicturesToExe, the free Panos Photoshop action, my template and files for PTE and a little time. Of course both Panos and the developers of PTE would love for users to purchase their products, but to create your own animated snowglobe requires only the free Photoshop action, my free template and files and a free trial copy of PicturesToExe. You can download both my template/files and the Panos snowglobe action at:


You can download the PTE free trial at:


I decided to embellish the animated snow inside the snowglobe this year with more realism by creating a way of changing the image inside the globe so that a natural build-up or deposit of snow would occur as the snow falls. The combination of Photoshop and PicturesToExe allowed me the latitude to accomplish this.

Here are links to two of my recent creations. Anyone who wants to learn this techniques can email me and I will be glad to help them (at no charge, of course - Merry Christmas) learn the technique.

Here is the result. I have posted these on Youtube and you can play them at HD (high definition full-screen) or at regular definition. If you choose to see them in HD (1600x1200 resolution) please allow the sound to start, then click on the pause button and allow the red line to buffer all the way to the right before starting the animation. This will avoid starts and stops in the playback.



I hope you enjoy this different approach to the snowglobe concept.....

Best regards,

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Those globes are pretty neat. It would be fun working on something like that. I dont suppose you have software for the Mac?
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Try this and let me know how it works for you....


If it plays for you, then let me know and I'll explain...

Best regards,


Originally Posted by Bynx View Post
Those globes are pretty neat. It would be fun working on something like that. I dont suppose you have software for the Mac?
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Hi Lin,
Thanks to you and Panos for your excellent snowglobes tut. and software.
I'm a bit disappointed after downloading the "Picturestoexe" software to find that the PanosFx files are only suitable for PSE6 or better.
Unfortunately I can't afford to upgrade from PSE 5, is there any chance these files would install in elements 5.
I ask since the Vista "Filepath" described seems to be the same as my own, just scared of destroying my installation of PSE 5 if I tried it without some encouragement!!

Otherwise, is there some way I could achieve a similar end result?
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