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So, discodudette, you're a young one - not even a senior in highschool! Haha, well kudos to you for interacting in such a mature manner in these forums.

Let's see... "honors trig/alg"... hmmm, seems like you should have no problems with any math I might throw your direction :-)

BTW, I saw a link you posted in some other message on this board, pointing at your webshots gallery. I visited and saw some very nice shots of disco - looks like you love that horse very much!
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Hahah can you tell that my horse is a little spoiled? wink wink

I don't really act in a mature manner hee hee.. you should read most of my posts :-P, but thanks most definately for you compliment!

Err and about the math.. nah I think I'll let you figure out all the problems... I'll use the back of the book (A.k.a where the answers are)!!
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