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Wow! This thread is older than I am. (at least it's been around Steve's longer than me)

Vito, I love rock and roll and just about any music that challenges my sensibilities. I think your photo is very good as band portraits go. Lots of energy. In this kind of shot, a lot of "traditional wisdom" goes out the window. Don't change the whites... they give something of a posterized look to the shot.

Here is your acid test (you know... litmus test):

1. Do youlike the shot? Your answer is yes.

2. Does the band like the shot? I bet dollars to donuts they absolutely love it.

There you go... as a rock 'n roll-thrash metal-indie punk-industrial-dub-rap or whatever shot... it works.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

By the way, my son (now 21... really old:-)) has been playing in bands for years. I heard the other day that his new band is "industrial-punk" (They're Los Diablos Del Policia... Check 'em out at http://www.lddp.ca) I don't know if their site has any content yet, but there's gotta be something. Also, you can hear his weekly radio show at www.cjam.ca Thursdays at midnight, EST.
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wow, old thread!

hey willow...glad you like it, but i think your comment was too harsh...

like, he said it was HIS opinion, you don't need to agree with it...

thanks for looking though

thanks tom

good acid test

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Vito, I had a listen to the music and although it's not my style (more my 16 year old sons kind of stuff) I actually like the photo. And the name is ok, it does not have swear words in it which is a bonus. I like the arty effect too.

We oldies have to try to remember what it was like when we were your age. I used to follow the glam bands who were big here in Australia as a teenager, Im sure my parents did not approve of everything I listened to but they accepted my taste. I have to say that todays bands, or many of them are a little on the morbid side at times, everything seems to be about death and loss sometimes:-)

Still I remember reading somewhere that parents were horrified when those "nice boys" the "Beatles" grew their hair long, started wearing really weired clothes and sang strange songs. I think Ive raised my kids to appreciate many kinds of music styles, I used to play lots of 60s and 70s music when they were small and they sometimes know the words of the latest hits because they are remakes:-)

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PS my oldest son is very talented with guitar and the younger one who is your age plays clarinet, saxophone and has picked up the guitar recently as well and I am hearing some pretty heavy sounds coming from out in the back room:-)Im just glad he did not get drums!
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