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I know its my first post but .........

can anybody help me ?

i am trying to create an image similar to below but ( mermaid/water )

how do you apply the effect to the "skin" retaining it's 3 D appearance ? :?

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That's really a nice image, both as a shot and as a digital work.

That said, the answer you are looking for lays in ... layers.

In Photoshop, but the same can work in PaintShopPro as well, you can make an image as being composed of several layers, one on top of each other.

The blend mode determines the way the layers are blended.

In this case if you want to add a "tree skin" to someone retaining its 3D look you have to create an image with someone as a first layer.

Then use a wood pattern as a second layer and set the blend mode to multiply : this way the resulting image will be the result of the multiplication, pixel by pixel, of the corresponding pixels of the two layers.

Just to show how this technique can be used I tried to apply a tree skin to the kid !

I did the following :

- I opened the image you posted with Photoshop. This was the first layer.

- I searched with google an image with a tree and I found this one :


- I cropped the tree part in order to have a good pattern.

- I pasted as a second layer over the original image

- I desaturated and colored it with a consistent sepia tone.

- I set the blend mode to multiply to reveal the image below.

- I used the eraser in order to have the tree part just overlap the kid.

Here's the final result :

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Thanks Brtsergio

i knew what i wanted to do but just couldn't work it out :?

with your explanation i have now cracked it :G

will post "The Mermaid" after a little more work

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