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Hey guys,

I'm still a novice at PS and was wondering the best way to get the effect I'm going for. How do you desaturate a photo with the exeption of certain colors on specific objects? I've been playing around with PS with limited success. Thanks in advance.

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I use PSP but the process should be similar. Do a manual selection of the objects keeping the selection line as close to the edge of the objects as possible. Then invert the selection thus selecting everything but the selected objects. Now do the desaturation.

Cal Rasmussen
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One method I use is: Open your image, then click on the 'Create new fill or adjustment layer' at the bottom of the layers palette. Then choose 'Hue/Saturation'. Slide the Saturation control all the way to the left, (-100), this will desaturate your image. Click OK. Thenpick the brush tool, choose a suitable size and depending on how sharp the edges in your image are, set the hardness of the brush. Now press D on your keyboard followed by X. This sets the foreground and background colours to black and white.

Now you just brush over the areas that you want to be in their originalcolours, if you go over the edge, just press the X key and brush over the overspill, then press X again to continue revealing colours. (Painting with black removes the mask, the desaturated layer, revealing the coloursunderneathand painting with white puts the mask back).

Zoom in very close to work, holding the space bar to enable the hand toolto move around your image, remembering to let go to carry on.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Stevekin, that's excatly what I was looking for

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Open the picture, then press "ctrl" and "u" at the same time.

Now click the drop down and pick the color that closestto the one you want to erase. Click it, now go down in the lower corner select the eyedropper with the - sign by it and click on the color you want to take away in the picture..... for example "blue". Once you have clicked on the color, Go up and "click and drag" the "saturation slider bar and drag it to the left ...... until you achieve your desired value. You can continue this with the other colors if you wish and just click ok when your done.

Good luck!

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Lots of the above looks very interesting....thanks from me too.

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Here is a thread that goes over another method for doing this using layers.


If you keep the saturated unsaturated items on separate layers and saved in a .psd file, you can continue to manipulate the color/stauration and transparency after the file is saved. You also don't lose any detail when going back to the photo later since saving in .psd doesn't perform any jpeg compression before saving.

Once youget the hang of it, it is quite easy.
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