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The point of the article is to question whether newer forms of art, inparticular digital art, is as valid an art form as a more traditional technique such as oil painting.

Does the fact that digital art, whether it be from a camera or through using Photoshop, have tools to aid the artist create effects and design lessen the talent required to produce it?

You can take a really great photo if you're in the right place at the right time with the right camera. All you need to do is point and click.

Should the results be worth any less because of the ease of their creation? Does the fact that any one can create them belittle the acheivement? Does the fact that an oil painting takes days/weeks/months to create make it a more valuable form of art than a photograph.

Granted, 99.9% of the world's great photographs come from well trained, extremely talented professionals, but will a photograph ever take the same place in people's hearts as a painting?

I'm not convinced.

Arguably the most popular painting in the world is the Mona Lisa. 1000's of people will queue for hours everyday to see this suprisingly small piece.

This was even before it was the subject of the infamous Dan Brown story, or the horiffic film that followed.

Do people do the same for a photograph? As far as I am aware the most downloaded photograph of all time is the one taken by one of the Apollo missions as they flew towards the Moon. They took a photo of the Earth from space, with all of the Earth being shown in daylight. I think it might have been given a mention in Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" documentary.

No matter how many millions of times that this photograph has been downloaded, or how many desktops or screen savers it forms a part of, it is not, and will never have the same appeal as the Mona Lisa.

That does not stop it from being as popular, or as inspiring to people, but the simple fact remains that it is not as personal. A painting forms part of history for the primiary reason that it is unique. When I look at the Mona Lisa I know that Leonardo himself has touched it and spent years trying to perfect it.

When I look at a photograph, although it may change my outlook on life, it will simply be a copy, and thus will have lost much of it's appeal.

I'm playing devils advocate a little here, but I would be interested to know if people think that painted art is more valuable than something digital? Or is it just personal opinion?

That is, as far as I can tell, the purpose of the original article.

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From earliest times (prehistoric) man(woman) used a stick and coloured

pigments to paint on a cave wall and assembled stones to form a statue

then someone invented brushes, paints, palate, canvas, hamer, chisel,and

used the new tools and called it art....Computers and cameras are some of

the new tools of modern times....So that what ever we produce with them

can also be called art and their influence can be seen around us in everything

in design and packaging in the media in the home on the landscape in films

on the stage and in our dress and appearance........

So why should it not be called art ................musket
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Take my word for it... if you can't paint on a canvice you can't paint on a computer either. As for photography.. modern meters etc. have made it easier to get the technical stuff correct. But compotion, effects and just plain artistic vision comes from with in. The lates and greatist computers and software will not make you an artist. For proof just look at all the bad photoshops on the net. It all still takes talent.
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My two pennies worth,

I've been to art school

I've painted water colours (in oriential style as well)

I've painted modern art in oils and acrylics

and now these last two years I take photos

next year glass painting who knows!


in my view you can never quantify what is art.

But its good fun to chat,
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<<<About the author: Cherry Xu is an Art Design graduate, and a teacher and practitioner of traditional Chinese art. She works as the Director's Assistant at Aspect Art Ltd.>>>

IMO Cherry is a master of artful spamming about her commercial web site.
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Quite an interesting topic...You have already said it.Traditional And digital, "Art" remains the common factor. Differance lies only in the media one use to express themself.Let me narrate my personal experience.Before I joined this esteemed forum, I was totally depended on my PS work ,it has gone to the point where you can well say it was garish.This forum has taught me a very valuable lesson :- To control the my impulse and to give more visually pleasing effect( Though I still learning).
Let say Biweekly challange , guidelines are very straight forward and simple.I t was a great learning experience for me.Thanks to Cal,Kalpso,Salvin, WalterC ( and others),It is the photography as an art form, not the digital manipulation.Whenever I wish to paricipate in that challange I make it sure There should be no digital manipulation except to resize the image so as I can post easily. What I learn :- While taking picture I should really concentrate on my photography skill .Vola After intial few defficulties , I notice there is some improvement on my working style .Post processing become less.So I can say It is more on traditional line.
Now come to digital art forum, They are meant for toatlly Different sect of people.For the there is also a section called "modified images".There too I do see some great work and some bad too .Both has taught me what to do and what not to do??
Taditional and digital art are totally diffrent sect with diffrent aims.One can not replace the other. That is my view
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You know the difference between painters and photographers?

Painters can talk for hours without mentioning brushes.

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The Barbarian wrote:
You know the difference between painters and photographers?

Painters can talk for hours without mentioning brushes.
Well I don't know about the rest of you guys (that includes girls.... guys for me is multi-gender) but I don't ever mention brushes!!! LOL
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when paint brushes cost $5,000 and painters still don't talk about them, then I'll be impressed. ;P

myself, I'm surprised a spam thread has got so many replies -_-
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I agree, however never contributed at the start as it was clear spam so didn't entertain it at the beginning, however when seeing in jump back up with a bit of comedy decided to jump in.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Anyone new to this thread, don't get into the first bit just leave them alone!!!

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Gerafix, you mean you don't know anyone with platinum paintbrushes?
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