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Old Boy Mar 1, 2011 1:50 PM

WARNING: (Software Used - For Auto Software --> Updates)
Drivers (Wanted or Found)

WARNING: (Software Used - For Auto Software --> Updates)
Never ever purchase or use a "Software Program"
that will automatically "Update" your computer, "Drivers".

Software - Update, Computer Program.
Never ever use a "NON" original manufacture web site, for driver downloads.
The "Windows Registry" contains all of the information and path files,
to operate how Windows operates.
My very first Windows Systems, had only a few hundred files, in the Registry.
The now new Windows System, now has thousands of files, in the Registry.

================================================== ==

Warning - Updates
Every computer is totally unique in Hardware and Software.
There are "no" two (x2) computers, alike !

(1) Windows: (Applications)
There are many different types of Windows Operating Systems.
- Windows 95
- Windows Me
- Windows XP
- Windows 7
+ There are also commercial Windows Software Systems.

(2) Hardware: (Internal)
There are many internal "hardware" factors.
- mother board
- central processing unit
- memory
- sound card
- video card
- internal hard drive
- dvd drive
+ etc.

(3) Hardware: (External)
There are many external "hardware" factors.
- monitor
- keyboard
- mouse
- printer
- speakers
- game pads
- microphone
- camera
- usb inputs
- firewire inputs
= etc.

(4) Drivers: (Hardware)
For each and every "hardware" device, added to a computer,
a "driver" program, (custom device program), is required.

================================================== ==

Fact: (#1)
- If it works correctly, do "NOT" update "any driver".

Fact: (#2)
- With each and every computer being totally unique and different,
"Not" every driver update will work, correctly.
- There are way too many variables, involved !

Fact: (#3)
- Some driver updates, are "only" for "certain" Windows Applications.
- Will your present / complete "hardware" / "software", work with this driver update ?

Fact: (#4)
- An independent "Software Program" that will automatically "Update" your computer drivers,
will download many many driver updates, all at the same time.
- Are you willing to download hundreds and hundreds of useless files, to your Windows Registry ?
- It will only take one (x1) new driver update, to crash your hardware !
- It will only take one (x1) new file update, to crash your Windows

Registry !
Will you know what "Update Driver" program / file, crashed your system ?

================================================== ==

Drivers: (Wanted)
There was a time when all required computer drivers (updates), were very very easily available,
directly from the manufacture.
On the internet, there are now paid blockers, paying ($'s) for their service, that will
send you directly to their "private" web site. (blocking out the original manufacture).
Now, searching for a computer driver (update),
we are now being sent to "Private" web sites, requesting
a "Fee" ($'s), that might, that might, resolve your problem !
Again, I say "might" !
When downloading "FREE" driver updates, from "Private" web sites,
that do offer "FREE" driver updates,
will also download "hidden" files, into your computer.
This may / will alter your "browser",
add alternate path files,
and add (safe) cookies. (Safe - Hidden - Virus).

================================================== ==

Drivers: (Browser Search)
- Only "Search" for the direct --> Manufacture Web Site.
- Watch out for "Private" web sites, that will intercept your web search.

- Be sure that you are on the "original" Manufacture Web Site.
- Only "Look" for direct manufacture, "downloads" !
- It is a well known "Fact" that all manufacture's, will "NOT",
update their software and drivers, for everything, for ever !
================================================== ==

Major Fact:
- In time, old hardware driver updates, do / will become obsolete !

VTphotog Mar 5, 2011 5:19 PM

If there is a driver update for most hardware, it will be registered with MS, and become available on the Windows Update site. Use Windows update, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


TD Cole Mar 16, 2011 10:26 PM

If you are an experienced user there's nothing wrong with it as this means you know your pc. Ive used a couple that were very good for backup as well as retrieval but as I said, if you know what you're doing.

Old Boy Mar 17, 2011 1:07 PM


Originally Posted by wagaboo (Post 1209640)
If you are an experienced user there's nothing wrong with it as this means you know your pc. Ive used a couple that were very good for backup as well as retrieval but as I said, if you know what you're doing.

I have been building and using computers, before there were "hard drives".

VTphotog: (Stated)
and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I totally agree.


I posted this article for individuals that have no knowledge of "driver updates".

My custom home built computer is working, perfectly.
I tried a "software program" for driver "updates", (Trial Version).
I was informed that I required eight (x8) driver updates.
Two (x2) of the updates were for my "mother board".

There are always many "motherboard driver", updates available.
Only the well experienced can choose the correct requirements !

Through the decades, I always kept my home computer 100% updated for all drivers.
I have also experienced that many of the driver updates, actually slowed down my system.
Some driver updates, will add hundreds of useless files to your Windows Registry.

Only now, when I receive an error / conflict, will I ever do a driver update, again!

Driver Updates:
Every time Microsoft Windows comes out with a new version, there are always problems with "driver" hardware conflicts.
That is why I stayed with my Windows XP.
- Not Windows Me
- Not Windows 7 (Visual Enhancements)


Facts: (Hardware & Drivers)
- There are (hundreds) of hardware
- In only a few years, the hardware will become obsolete.
- Obsolete hardware will not have driver updates, for any newer released Windows versions.
- All "hardware" driver programs will work with "older' Windows applications.
- "NOT" all new / older "hardware" driver programs will work with "newer" Windows applications.

Warning: (Hardware & Drivers)
Every "new" released Windows version:
- may / will require, driver updates.
- may / will make your old hardware, totally obsolete.


Conclusions: (Hardware & Drivers)

Any "new" hardware / software, will always work with any "older" Windows versions / applications.

Any "new" hardware / software, will "NOT" always work with "newer" Windows versions / applications.

Updating your Windows to a newer version, may also require you to "replace" some of your old "hardware".

It is a well known fact that there is a "new" generation, on the internet, taking full advantage of the ignorant !
Payment for "NO" guarantees !

If you are having technical problems with your computer, only an in house technician,
can find the actual errors, and repair your computer driver paths. . (Fact).


TD Cole Apr 11, 2011 10:55 AM

^^ Windows doesn't always have an update for drivers and some drivers are old enough to not run certain games etc I do this for a living and have updated MANY pc's in need that windows has not updated and has said "you have the latest drivers" pfffft

VTphotog Apr 11, 2011 1:23 PM

Drivers for video cards used for gaming do seem to get a lot of updates to address specific issues with games. If you aren't experiencing the problems, it makes no sense to continually update the drivers. See above about fixing things that are working just fine.


TD Cole Apr 12, 2011 4:02 PM

Serious gamers know what I'm talking about when it comes to updates that windows does NOT give and continuously updating video drivers does make sense when available as I've been doing this for many years and don't necessarily have to have a problem but many games provide patches for improvement and a vid driver for more serious complaints :0

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