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:?I am looking to purchase a printer and thought the Cannon IP8500 would be best, but then I started getting worried about photo life. I love to take pictures and definitely want the convenience of home printing, but I want my pictures to last for years to come, especially those of my two young children. I also want the pictures to the best they can, and color qualoty, sharpness and clarity are all important. Do I have to go with dye-sublimation for long lasting photos? I have a CanonS70 if that helps.
Thanks for your help

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I hate to say as I'm a Canon lover but you def. should go with a dye sub. printer if you're doing a lot of 4x6 printer. Epson's Picturemate (which retails between $150 and $200) delivers EXCELLENT photos from what I've heard. If you must stickwith inkjet, I'd go for the Epson R800 which is the same price as the IP8500 I believe.

Although Epson's cost per page is higher, you definitely get archival quality without sacrificing quality. It'salso nice being able to print regular documents atvarious sizes asopposed tojust4x6 and photos only.

If you can wait, there are rumors that Canon is releasing BCI-7 ink which is suppose to add longevity to your prints and will work with current PIXMA printers that utilize the BCI-6 cartridges. Now it is a rumor and it isn't confirmed so take it for what it's worth.
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I'm actually wondering the exact same thing. I've heard great things about the Canon Pixima inkjet line but I really want long-lasting pictures as well. So besides not being waterproof, will an inkjet photo, say behind glass, fade no matter what over 20 yeras or is there just a slight chance?

Thanks for any more info guys. Just trying to find out if Dye Sub is for me as well.

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The fact that there are so little responses to this seemingly simple question kind of scare me. Maybe dye subs aren't all they're said to be...?
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Get it out of your head, those dye-sub printers are brilliant. If you have the money go for an Olympus P-440, it can do several sizes up to A4. Worth the dosh IMO.
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I have the HI-TI 730PS, dye-sub

The quality is stunning. I wouldn't use an inkjet to print photos again, the dye-subs are amazing.

If you don't have the money then yes you can go with the Canon Pixma range these do print great quality pictures but you will have to use the Canon inks and paper to get the best results.

Cheers Ian
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