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-Ever- Dec 25, 2004 2:28 PM

So I bought a 730ps yesterday and the manager of the store said he likes to bump up the sharpness a little bit when he uses his. I installed the Desiree software and such but the Sharpness button I'm supposed to see on the toolbar (I think it's a diamond icon) isn't there. I'm currently downloading the newest software update but I'm not sure if it's included. I see an "Adjustor" specific download on the website that includes sharpness controlls but it's only for the 6-series HiTi's.

Will the sharpness be included in the update I'm downloading now (v2.2.6.7) or am I missing something?

Thanks guys, merry xmas!


PS: I know how do adjust the sharpness in stand-alone mode but I'd still like to know how to in PCMode.

IanWgglswrth Dec 25, 2004 6:28 PM


The sharpness icon is in the tool bar on version 2,2,6,7

I found the same thing, also downloaded this newer version but seems like the 'T' icon doesn't work nor the 'add garnish'

I've not needed to use any of these functions yet so not bothered.

I've not increased the sharpness either I've not needed to, I think that is a personal thing to what you prefer, and what camera you've used to take the pictures.

Thats the only thing that needs improving the software just to get the last few bugs out. Still very good though and easy to use.

How are you finding it now you've had chance to play with it?

Results are good?

Cheers Ian

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