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Doublejam97 Jul 10, 2004 7:07 PM

(Oops, I don't think I need a Large Format Printer)

Help, I've been trying to research the best deal on a Dye Sub Printer,but all I have is confusion. I'm starting business that will have some dye-sub products, probably nothing bigger than 8 by 10. We will have bursts of heavy usage to print personalized items.

Is Epson's Piezo or Thermal Tech Printers better for Dye Sub inks and prints? Or does it matter? Can any new printer be a dye-sub printer once you dedicate it as such?Are ther models especially designed for better dye-sub production? I've heard Epson has a high quality print, but it fadesquickly and some have complained oftech issues. I can't have that.

I need a reasonably priced (under $1000), durable printer with high quality, long lasting ink product. I'm hoping for a printer that is efficient with its ink.

Is this just a pipe dream, or does such a printer exist?


cfrick Jul 11, 2004 10:15 PM


You probably want to look at the Kodak 8500 (review below):

and the Olympus P-440 (review below):

I own the Olympus P-440 and really like the quality of the print. My supplies come to $1.60 per print.

The Dye Sub printers are a specific technology and take ribbons and paper that are product specific.

Hope this helps,


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