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:? My family ahs been wonderful enough to offer to purchase a printer for me for Christmas, and I am down to4 choices:

**HiTi 730PS

**Canon Pixma 8500

Olympus P440

Epson Stylus Pro R800

This is what is most important to me;

Print quality!!!!!!!!!!!

Long life!!!!!!! I am taking photos of my babies so they can show their babies some day. I love Steve's review of the Canon, but he doesn't mention print life.

Cost per print..again, I have two small children and do not want to spend more printing the 100's of pics I take than I wil on their college tuition (and with two babies money is tight)

If printed on the right canon papers, will these pics last?

Can the 3 colors of the hiti compare to the 8 colors of the canon?

I have heard the Olympus prints are very expensive when you add up all the consumables, is this true?

Lat question...what about the Epson picturemate? The cost per print is great, they claim the pics will last 200 years, what is the photo quailty like?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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The really GREAT choice is the Hi-Touch 730 !

This company in about 3 years of operation is teaching the Big Guys what Photo Printing is all about !

One thing your questions tell us is that you do not understnad whatsoever what the Dye Sublimation process is all about. Something you can do to prepare yourself better is to do a websearch on "Dye Sublimation." In generql, it is the same process that Photo Finishers use to make prints for you ! The quality is Top Drawer !

And in this category, Hi Touch is Tops !

Epson does even make one of these types of printers.

They (apparently) <Epson> would rather sell you over-priced ink for their ink-kjet type of printers. As an owner of maybe a 1/2 dozen Epson printers, I feel qualified to say that.

If you buy the 300 Pack of HiTouch paper/ribbon catridge(s), the cost per print (6x4) is only 30 cents a print. Far less than the others.

And unless you need other size(s) prints, you might save a BUNCH of $$ buying the Hi-Touch 640PS, rather than the 730.

Good Luck to you regardless of your choice.

By the way,our 640PS is wrapped up awaiting Santa under our treee as I type this.

Along with a 300 pack of paper/ribbon cartridges.

Happy Holidays to you.

By the way - by doing a careful websearch, I got my 640PS for less than $210 DELIVERED.

See ya in 2005,

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Hi there I have just bought the Hi-Touch 730PS the results are fantastic can not recommend highly enough!!

I got mine from http://www.systeminsight.co.uk who gave me a 7 day home trial after which time if you dont like it send it back just pay for the paper used!

Its very easy to use and simple to set up using a PC or as a stand alone unit, the software is very easy to use as well. I would Spend the extra £30 to get the730PS modelinstead of the 730PL.

The only difference is theremote LCD screen and memory card slots, its well worth the extra money you can adjust the pictures from this with out using the PC very useful( you do need to use pc for red eye adjustments though as remote screen is only 1.5" in size)

This is the only printer to print 3 different sizes of picture I found the 4"x6" standard postcard size a little small I print everything at 5"x7" perfect!!!

If you goto the website above they do have user reviews of people who have bought this printer, You wont use an inkjet to print photos out again though as the quality is unbelivable.

The 3 colours of the Hi-Touch are more than a match against the 8 in the canon you also have a 4th clear gloss coat in th Hi-Ti to give protection to you photos.

You will also find changing the ink ribbon very easy in the Hi-Touch you can't get it wrong!

The prices for the olympus are very expensive my sister was looking at buying one, I told her to look at the Hi-Touch printers first.

Hope this helped

Good Luck


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Digital photos are ephemeral and easy to lose if you don't archive them properly. To me that means to store them on quality Phthalocyanine or Azo based CDs with a second copy stored separately on a standard cyanine CD. And make sure somebody knows where they are and what is on them. I don't worry that much about the prints lasting forever, although it is nice.

Most prints have a long life if stored in albums and not constantly exposed to indirect sunlight. I have lab prints that have faded on the wall and dye-sub likely would as well. Dye based inkjet prints will definitely fade on the wall. I think it is Kodak that has an inkjet paper they claim 100 year life for, but I wouldn't count on that exposed to light. Some plastics in albums react with both lab prints and inkjet. I would guess they would ruin dye-sub as well.

The inkjet is a little more versatile in being able to print things like matte greeting cards, but overall I don't think you can go wrong with dye-sub. 30c/4 x 6 is about what you would pay with an inkjet if you use 4 X 6 stock plus factory paper and ink with a Canon. Their paper is pricey although their ink costs are the lowest of the major brands. If glossy prints is your main goal I would think the dye-sub the better choice.

I refill my cartridges with quality ink specifically for my printer. I also use Red River paper. You have to make a profile for the printer if you don't use either factory paper or ink, but once you have done it you get some pretty nice prints for a fraction of the cost. I have a high-intensity light under the edge of my trimmer so I can print any size on 8.5 X 11 stock and trim it quickly and accurately. So I have to keep only one size of paper in the tray for anything I want to print. Maybe that is too much hassle for you, but I can turn out 4 X 5.33 for 6c, 4 X 6 for less than 8c and 5 X 7 for 12c by trimming them from Red River A4 paper. 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11 runs about 24c. I stock up when Red River has a sale.

I haven't seen any specifics on the Picturemate. Epson has not managed to get the print quality from their pigmented inks they and Canon get from dye based inks for regular photo inkjets. Not sure that applies to the Picturemate. But for the same price per print and 4 x 6 limitation I would go for the dye-sub.

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