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I am going to buy either a Canon A80, A75, or an Olympus camera. I am looking for a good dye-sub printer to go with it. I am decided on a Hiti 630PSor the 631PS when it comes out in July. However, I was reading reviews, and it came to me that for half the price of a Hi-Touch print, I can get a store-bought print. It seems that this is the logical and most cost-effective plan. I am only 16 years old and the funds are very limited, so what do you think I should do. By the way, I probably won't do too much computerized editing either...
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Sure, you can get store bought prints for about half the price. The problem is that you have to either upload your prints to the stores web site or take your media to the store. Either way, you will need to drive to the store and wait at least 15 minutes or as long as an hour if the store is busy.

Here is the way I see it. I had an old $99 epson printer. The prints I got out of it (on photo paper) were pretty darn good for short term use. The down side was that they were not very durable; drop of water would ruin them.

The newer dye sub printers are becoming much more affordable and the prints are much more durable.

It all depends on your needs and how much $ you are willing to pay for the convenience of an instant (well almost instant) print. No one would ever fault you for going with store bought prints, but it is not nearly as convenient.
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I have only just got the 630PL today! I did have some initial problems with it, although these were quickly overcome by the support line. You shudnt normally have these problems. Anyway, my point is, this printer is extremely good value for money, after sales support is ace.

Also you can buy the 50packs of paper and ribbons, from the US. For around $18, this works out as around 18p per print. I calculated this before international shipping, which i estiomate to be around $22 in total. This means that a single print would be about 24p per print compared to 40p if you buy the consumables in the uk.

The best price for digital prints in the uk i can find is about 35p per print. If you go to Jessops they charge around 42p per print, when having a film processed.

If you can obtain the consumables from the UK or even better, the US or europe, then you'll still find the convenience, and quality is much better than going to the photolabs.

Thanks James
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