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Default A dye-Subin' I shall go....

Hey Everyone,

Well Ive never really owned a printer that was designed just to do "Photographs". I have had fairly decent printers that are called "Photo Printers" but just never really thrilled about the end result. There would always be some sort of smudge or something that would make it unexceptable in my book. But today, I decided to change all that.

Went to my local Hunt's camera store to go looking for a Hi-Ti Dyesub printer. The one I was looking for was the Photoshuttle or Shuttlephoto model... not sure which way it went... Well they didnt have any in stock. I basicly wanted that model where it printed the photograph in 45 seconds. They did have another model in stock however...

They pointed me out to the HiTi 630PS which was only $10 bucks more "$189.99" and yes it was slower then the other printer, but was able to be a stand alone printer without any computer attached and come with and LCD remote thingy that you can do editing, etc on. So I decided that I would give it a shot and brought it home.

Setup was very quick. If I wasnt playing around with my cats I probably could have had it set up and had a picture printed off within 15 minutes or so. Toner "Dyesub" goes in very easy and super clean. But the end result is very pleasing. It is like others have said, its just like if you was to puchase them online. The paper that you get for it is just like photograph paper, and just as thick. No cheesey stuff here. It is even rather entertaining to watch the photo come to life when it does its YMCO process. I think thats in the right order. But pretty much its like watching your picture develope.

I am very pleased with the final product. Even had to control my excitement some so I didnt look like a fool infront of my fiancee... 8)

Anywho, if you have thought about getting this printer and had doubts. Dont have any. As long as you dont mind the 4x6 max photosize then you will totally love this printer. Expectially at $.40 cents a pop. More then half of any other manufacture of any Dyesubs that I have seen. 50 prints for $19.99!
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Default Costs


You said that your HiTi would produce pictures for about .40 which was half of any others.

Just to let you know that the Canon cp-200 paper costs 18.95 at Office Depot. That makes it about .52 per 4x6 print.

The HiTi is a great printer, I really like them, but I went with the Canon, even though the cost per print may be higher, because of the availibility of the paper. I can find it just about anywhere.


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