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Buffet Oct 30, 2003 8:47 AM

Help for choice 4x6 and 8x10 printers

For my job I need to buy two dye sub printers; one for 4x6 and the other for largest print, I think 8x10.

At the moment my choice is Hiti 640 or Hiti photoshuttle for the 4x6 and Oly 440 for the 8x10.

For this job I need a good quality and high speed printing.
Is it a good choice ? or what other choice, please

gibsonpd3620 Oct 30, 2003 10:13 AM

I have the 630ps and the quality of print is amazing. High quality that looks it came from a photo lab. The 640 has even a better resolution and is faster.

BA63 Nov 26, 2003 8:24 AM


I currently have the Oly P-400 for my 8x10 (well close enough) and a SV-77 Sony 4x6 Dye Sub. They both work fantastic.

I just ordered the 630PS and should have it next week. I studied the forum and Phil certainly sold the 630ps. I have had a very difficult time printing from the computer to the SV-77 and use it primarily from the Memory stick. Both printers have paid for themselves 4x over. I recently purchased the Digital Rebel and needed something I could quickly print 4x6's from, so the 630PS seemed to fit the bill using the CF cards.

For my job if it were me, I would get the P-440 and definitley not the SV-77 Sony (tooo limited). If the 640 is anyhting like Phil says about the 630, that would be your choice. I know Olympus has a upgrade chip for the P-400 for $89 so you can get true 8x10 prints, however, the P-400 will not sit there and churn out pic after pic (like a production run), it needs to cool down first.

By the way, Steve has a raving review on HiTi printers. Not only quality but also price per pic.

You sound like you are on the right track!



Frosty Nov 30, 2003 5:43 AM

Within the last 5 minutes I purchased the HiTi 630PL from for $109.99 plus $1.00 shipping (their normal shipping os $2.95).

Before purchasing from Overstock I did contact HiTi asking about warranties and if they would meet the price. Their answer was that they could not meet the price but that the printer carries the same warranties as if purchased directly from them.

HiTi's shipping charges are outrageous so I would suggest that you find a retailer in your area that carries the paper and ribbons.

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