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Default Hi-Ti papers (on Ebay)

I just thought that I would share with you my experience with an Ebay auctioneer.

I purchased 2 boxes of Hi-Ti 4x6 at $18.99 each. He (Daryl) overquoted me on shipping and credited me the difference.
It was an honest mistake on his part. He did offer to credit my paypal account but I purchased more boxes from him, instead, for which he deducted the amount from my second purchase.

Prompt, courteous replies. I just purchased another box and 1 combo pack ( 25 4x6 and 25 4/2/4 stickers for 24.99)
The combined shipping for 2 boxes is $5.75 to my address.

Anyway, just thought to share this with you, if you find this a better deal than what you are used to getting.

He continues to put up more Hi-Ti paper on Ebay, for which you can find here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=2969270371

He's located in Texas and from past experience, ships items out promptly.
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I buy my paper from www.newegg.com at $17 a pack


The shipping is $4 but if your wait they will often offer free shipping.
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I've tried them but my living in Alaska....they want to charge me over $20. for shipping. I can only assume they think we Alaskans all live up in Barrow, mail sent via dog sleds. lol

The online sites (aside from Ebay, for which Daryl still has them beat) that are the most reasonable to ship (considering my location) is Adorama and B&H photography.

So, I checked out Ebay and am charged actual shipping costs. This works for me.
Too, I like the idea of supporting a small business.

I've also experienced businesses who don't ship to P.O. Boxes. Here we don't have USPS mail delivery to our residence. Anyway, I wasn't sure how it all panned out for other Hi-Ti users when purchasing online, so thought it might be worthwhile to post an auctioneer who is trustworthy & fair.

Sigh...free shipping...I only get free shipping through Amazon. Must be nice to get free shipping from other companies!
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Normancamera.com sells all of the varieties of paper/labels for the HiTi 630s/640PS at the same price, $20, which seems to be atypical. But I don't know what shipping costs.

Just to blab, I just ordered yesterday the HiTi 640PS after agonizing for weeks over what inkjet to get. I almost bought the Canon i960 (to go with my Canon A80) but finally decided that I won't buy an inkjet that didn't use pigment-based ink (for longevity) and had to combine great resolution with a great price and low upkeep hassle. Maybe in 1-2years? It seems Epson is almost there with their R800?, and somebody like Mediastreet is there for lower cost inks.
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It sounds like you and I were in the same boat and took the same road. The exception being Hi-Ti models.

Likewise, I initially considered the i960 but opted for the Hi-Ti. Later, I'll purchase another printer and it looks like we are leaning in the same direction there, too.

Have you been keeping an eye on the Epson R800 review? It's been slow coming but worth the wait, considering.

I'm going to wait for the smoke, followed by the dust, to settle before making a final decision.
I'm leaning more towards the Epson over the Canon but have also considered the Oly P-440.

I like the idea of being able to use different papers with the Epson, though it seems I recall that due to it using pigment ink...that you don't have all the paper options as you do with inkjets :?:
However, more paper options than the Oly P-440.

Decisions, decisions :roll:
I certainly made no mistake in purchasing the Hi-Ti, for which I'm happy to report.

Out of curiosity, I'll have to try the site you provided.
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