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informativetoo Dec 3, 2003 1:14 PM

image resizing
I'm looking to get my pictures down/up to a true 4x6 for borderless printing though have not dealt with this aspect in my software program.

Owning the HiTi (yeah!) I do not want to have to use the "fit to" buttons in Photo Desiree. It'd be nice to have one ready and fit to 4x6 prior to Photo Desiree.

I have Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 AE but have been unable to figure out the resizing. In PSP the box would appear with these choices:

Pixel Size: width x height
Percentage of original: width x height
Actual print size; Width/height
Resolution (enter in)
Resize type, choices being:
Smart size
Bilinear resample
Bicubic resample
Pixel size

and the check box choices:
Resize all layers
Maintain aspect ratio of: [enter numbers here] to 1

Anybody know what I would enter in to get a 4x6 borderless print?

Me-Clueless at home :shock:

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