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I just bought the new Sony DSC-P150 7.2mp digital camera, and was looking for a suitable printer etc.

In the past i have used film and had it scanned, then used Epsons 1290s A3 inkjet printer.

I rate the top Epson photo very highly, and when used with the right ink/paper can give stunning results.

I was just about to purchase the Epsom 2100 A3 printer, when i reminded myself that i didn't print "that" many large format images.

Also, i have found that i have to run a few "test" prints if the printer hasn't been used in a while due to clogging etc.

I had i hard think about how i really used my printer, and realised that it would make much more sense(including costs!)to have larger prints done at a commercial outlet.

Since last year, there has been an explosion of outlets offering cheap digital printing.

Also, no matter how good inkjets have become certain parts of the picture still have some fine dotting in lighter areas. This added to the other well known hassles of inkjet printing made me think about dyesub.

I was worried about losing the Epsons stunning detail and vibrancy, as the previous dyesub effortsi had seen weren't very good!

I reasoned since i had the Sony DSC150, i would buy the EX50 to go with it.(I will still use my Epson for the odd large format print if i need it straight away)

I want to archive my photos on CD/DVD etc, but was worried that they may become corrupt losing precious images. So a hard copy is a good idea just in case!

4x6 prints are ideal for general viewing so that the EX50 fitted the bill.

Also, it is ideal during parties/family visits to print off instant pictures. I can also take it with me, when i'm visiting places.

I like the idea that the paper comes with the cartridge/ribbon asa package. So no danger of running out of ink half way through!

I have the option of printing from the PC or straight from the camera, which means the wife even feels confident using it!(thank you picbridge!)

Prints take about 70-80 seconds to appear, and are dry straight away. You do have to snap two end pieces off the post card paper. I was worried this would give a shabby perforated edge. Butthey seems to snap of very cleany, leaving just the slightest "micro" perforation.

Colours are suprisingly good!

Infact, they far exceed any expectations that i thought dyesub could give.

Another pleasent surprise was just how detailed the prints were. I would say that my Epson can show slightly more detail. But with the Epson, such closer examination also shows dottiness etc.

I would have liked the Sony paper to be slightly thicker, but that is a minor point.

I feel i have a good base for making good use of my Sony DSC150. Ie the EX50 for instant family pics, the Epson for quick larger format prints, and use commercial for bulk or large pics if time scale isn't an issue.

I am looking at getting a digital SLR soon, but thought i better get a feel for digital photography first.(hence the DSC150 etc)

I couldn't/wouldn't say if the EX50 is the best 4x6 printer out there, but anybody would be hard pushed to fault it!

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I have the Sony W1 and the same printer as you. I highly agree on the quality of the prints. It seems as if the more detailed a picture is... the more detailed of a print it will be. I have about 10 3.5x4's on my wall right now. It's quick, clean, and easy... oh yea don't forget about immaculate quality. :-)
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What is the est CPP Cost per print? I was told about .70?


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Old Nov 5, 2004, 11:47 PM   #4
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I just bought this printer, can you help a noob.
Some of my pictures when printed showed a bit of yellowish tinge.
Also my face in some of the pics have a reddish hue.
My pics display fine on my computer, is there something I can do to make the screen reflect the printer output.
I am using a G4 AL 15' powerbook OS X 10.3.5

I too though am very impressed with this printer, 4 out of 7 prints came out flawless, the other have slight tinge issues.
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I just bought the DPP-EX50, but cannot get it to work properly. Only printing the bottom half of the photo using the TV monitor mode. Any suggestion what is wrong?
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