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RYates Jun 28, 2004 1:11 PM

These seem to be the three choices for the above qualitiesin the $150-200 range. (Please feel free to correct any of the conclusions I've drawn thus far!) The Olympus P-10 is the only one which get's"excellent prints" in Steve's review and is compared favorably with the Hi-Ti's. So there's some implication this might have best picture of the three.(From the reviews,Hi-Ti'seem tohave the best quality, cheaperprints, but no PictBridge.) I've got anOly C-765,same brand as P-10 so it just seems more compatible. BUT, the Sony DPP-EX 50 seems to have more features and 403 DPI (does this equate to better picture than the P-10's 310 DPI?). Does the Sony's video feature work when usingPictBridge as there's no card slot for Oly.? Any suggestions?

I see some people saying the ink-jet gives better picture - while Steve says dry-sub is superior. Which is correct?

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