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sf49er Apr 8, 2004 4:22 PM

magic coating question with hiti
i got the hiti 640ps and with regards to the magic coating option, is that the protective waterproof layer they talk about? My concern is i don't like having the logos on there so hadn't been using it, had there been a magic coating without logos i would have done it but i guess i kinda assumed even without it , the protective layer was still added on to the pics. I guess i just need it cleared up for me. was seeking glossy, protected pics with this but from the way the website describes it, by adding the magic coating, you have to have one of those annoying watermarks on it as well? Using it thru a pc by the way, i do way too many pics to use the controller thingy.

Greybird Apr 8, 2004 7:44 PM

I have had my HiTi for almost a year, and only printed out the magic coat thing one time, did not like it. When you print without it, it puts the clear coating on it automaticly. You can see it when you watch it step through the colors. It is the last step. Have used up 5 or 6 boxes of paper, great printer !!
Herb :D

sf49er Apr 8, 2004 8:23 PM

cool, what i wanted to know. I thought thats what might be going on but then got confused somewhere along the line. I wanted that magic coating without the logos so thats cool it does it.

I am well into 20+ boxes in on mine, i think its pretty cool too. Would crash quite a bit when i first got it but adding the newer firmwares and windows drivers seems to have fixed that issue. don't use desiree much anymore though, found it to be a little slow and i got a 3.0 ghz machine with ample ram so that shouldn't be the issue, plus i edit them up a bit with ps or elements...but still, when i want to throw in a nice template, i'll use the desiree...I think my issue with desiree is when I am sitting down to do some pics, i am doing quite a bit of them at a time though so i bet for small amounts it would zip thru just fine.

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