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Default Narrowed down to Kodak 8500, HiTi ? or Olympus P-440 :)

I've used my epson stylus 800 for a long time. I converted it over to continuous feed. (had to put my own kit together, but it worked, they never did support my printer) Printed out 456 pictures one day, 4 to a page, when the printer said i was out of ink, i just wiggled the carts and it said full again. The carts pull from 4 oz bottles and you never let them get empty, for this printer just wiggle the carts to reset the out of ink lights.


The cost per page buying regluar epson generic ink in bulk was so low that you calculate it once and forget it. Paper cost more and i have a pile of paper as i tried all brands and types, printed every day for pennies.....

Epson color ink printers like to be run once a day, they have a program that prints a test page just to keep the printer going good. I'm doing more traveling now and don't care to leave my computer on while i am gone. My 800 was printing perfectly until i took a long trip, i've worked several hours and still have clogged heads. I thought of upgrading to a 1280 or 2200, but again, i don't want to travel and not run the printer and i don't want to take it with me all the time. Not a 1280 or 2200 anyway.

I looked at a Olympus dye sub at office max (no sample print out) and became interested. Sooner or later I will get another epson and make it continous feed and live with it. The archival ink for the 2200 costs much more, so i need to do the math. But for now, i'm thinking of a Kodak 8500 but does it really do that much of a better job than the Olympus P-440 or since the epsons will print much bigger than 8x10 they do tabloid size. What about the HiTi, specifically the 640 GALA since it takes so many different memory cards or the Transphotable or 640 PS. I have 3 compact flash memory cards.

When I bought my first epson color printer, all of my friends thought their printer did the best job on color. They would talk for hours... i devised a simple plan to shut them all up. I took a digital picture and printed it out on my epson and gave them a copy of the same file and invited them to print out the same picture and put their name and printer brand and model on the back of the printout.... There was not much talking then, everyone picked out the printout they liked best, it happened to be mine done by the epson. Had it had not been mine, i would have sold my printer and bought the one that did the best job.

It would be great if i could hold in my hand printouts of the same jpg done on all the different printers i have mentioned. In fact, i printed out one of my photos had office max laminate it and tie wrapped it to their epson printer.

My question is, if you had it to do over again, would you do the same thing (buy same product) or get something else. Or do you like something better than what I have suggested. Any and all help will be appreciated.

I'm a newbie here and might have missied someting on Steves site, but I wondering could/would Steve or someone else who has access to all of the popular dye sub printouts do a review on the printouts. Same file printed on different printers. A simple how does it look to the naked eye (or glasses if you use them )
Then if you use small magnifycation how does it look then. Which one looks best, 2nd etc.

When i finish this post I am going to do a cost per square inch on dye subs that i am interested in. I might be better off with a 8x10 printing out two 5x7's . Don't know if it is possible to print out 1/2 page and then later put in the same paper reversed. Did that on the epsons to save paper...

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I own the HiTi printer and you will be hard pressed to find a printer that performs any better.
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Default Yeah me too

I have a 640PS and just purchased a 730PS -

The 730PS lets me print 4x6, 5x7, or 6x8 depending on what ribbon/paper is installed.

It took me all of 15 minutes to unpack, hookup, and load software.

My first (and all after that) 6x8 came out flawlessly.

You can take these printers on site and use the internal software to do some basic cropping and then print - no PC needed.

Per Print cost is quite economical considering the flexability the printers give you.
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Default Re: Yeah me too

Setiprime, did you notice a difference in quality between your new 730PS and the 640Gala? I am looking to purchase but can't decide between the two. What is your recomendation?

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Corky 3000

Check out the comments under "300 vs 400 - Noticeable?"

Since it take 15X magnification to notice the difference I decided to order the 730 to get the size flexibility.

Just ordered from B&H this morning- will let you know what I think by this weekend.

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I also considered the Kodak 8500. The glossy output is spectacular but the matte is mediocre. Instead I got the Olympus P-440. Here's why:
1. The glossy and matte are both awesome
2. It's $400 cheaper
3. It has lots of extras - the capability of accepting xd cards and any kind of card you can stick in a PCMCIA adapter
4. You can set it to print contact sheets, packages, passports, cards, all without a PC attached.
The Kodak really doesn't have anything going for it over the Olympus.
I havent tried the Hiti so cant help you on that one. But I thing any of the dye-subs will give you a much better print than an inkjet.
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Default Corky

Corky 3000

I just posted a quick evaluation of the two printers.

I have a 640PS not the gala - but the printers use the same mechanism to produce prints.

My 730PS came out a little "darker" for the same picture. The built in adjuster software lets you develop your own color profile to match your on screen image with the print. A little tweaking and your back in business.
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gibsonpd3620 wrote:
I own the HiTi printer and you will be hard pressed to find a printer that performs any better.

I own a Kodak 8500 and I think I can't find better picture quality that this, and I try few printers.

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