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Frosty Aug 17, 2003 6:05 AM

Need Help For A New Printer
I have been surfing the net, reading specs and reviews and am now completely confused - mainly due to thing relating to camera ratios. I have no idea what the ratio of my camera is and do not know how to go about finding out so would appreciate it if anyone does - Olympus Camedia D-40ZOOM. I leave the camera set at HQ and do get some beautiful prints using inkjets. I am also printing pictures taken by others and sent to me via email, usually at reduced resolutions.

I have learned about HiTi by reading this forum and am leaning towards 1 of their printers - the Shuttle - and have sent for a sample print.

Would appreciate any and all input from the people here with much more knowledge and expertise than I have.


gibsonpd3620 Aug 18, 2003 11:26 AM

I have the 630ps and it is a great printer. Prints are excellent and durable. The protect coating then from UV and water. The shuttle is more a photo lab printer with thoughts of heavy duty printing.

Frosty Aug 18, 2003 12:34 PM

While I am at it might as well pick your brain about inkjets if you have any knowledge.

Under no circumstances would I buy another Epson and havebeen read a few bad things about the new Canons with the quality of the blacks.

Really need a decent printer that will give me larger than 4x6 for some of my pictures and am in a real quandry as to which to look at and which would need the least amount of maintenance as it is only used occasionally.

Any help appreciated.

gibsonpd3620 Aug 19, 2003 12:14 PM

I use the HP 5550 and HP 3820 for printing. They both can also produce very good photo prints. Ink cartridge cost are the biggest hits on the HP. I use a company called PrintPal for printing supplies. I fill my cartridges most of the time or I buy them from

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