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Default Oly P-440 owner (a request)

A copy & paste from inkjet forum that I posted:

This is an odd request for me and perhaps for you too

I am considering on purchasing a printer in the near future and am currently looking at the upcoming Epson R800, HP 7960 or Oly P-440.

While reading helps out a great deal; spec/opinion wise, it would be nice to actually see prints made with these printers first.

The problem: due to my remote location (an island, to be precise) and my community not selling computers/ peripherals etc. I have absalutely no way to do any real comparisons.

Therefore, I am wondering if anyone here owning either a hp7960, Epson 2200 or Canon i960 would be willing to print a 5x7 & send me the photo?

I would be willing to pay for your time, effort and paper either with a postal money order or via paypal.

I've added Canon in here as I am curious beings that I have given thought to it in the past.
As for the Epson, I expect it will out-perform the R800 but thinking it might be a closer match to the R800?
The HP, I would like to get 2 photos: 1 b&w and 1 color. If you happen to have an image editing program and know how to convert color to b&w, that'd be a plus! If not, I can try to make due with my editor. It would do fine...it's the operator I don't trust :lol:

I would send an uncompressed jpeg photo (possibly cropped). My only request aside from this is that I would prefer dealing with someone who has either been a long-standing member or who has, for a-while, been an active poster.

If anyone would be willing to do this, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you are interested (or should I say, willing?) contact me at ( typing in a way as to throw of spam bots):

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