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Default P-400 Picture Comparison

I just purchased a P-400 printer and have been evaluating it in detail. I would like to share my results.

I am using a C5050 camera and shooting at SHQ. I am using a 10x loop to analyse my photos.

I first printed out a few 8x10 (7.64 x 10) photos using Q-Image Pro. Then I printed out the same photos using Adobe Photoshop 7, and then the same photos right from the smart media card.

Printing from Q-Image Pro 2003.210 (no resampling) I did notice the famous jaggies that people have been talking about. I am particuallry focusing on some Telephone Pole (Power lines?) that are in good focus in my photos. Also I notice that in high contrast areas (blue sky against black stop light) there is a small white halo around the darker objects)

Next I printed from Adobe Photoshop 7 and resampled the image at 314 pixels/inch and then resized it to 7.64 x 10.188. (this is just what it ended up to be). I noticed the jaggies were pretty much gone on the power lines, but the white halo in the high contrast areas still existed ever so slightly.

Then printing from the smart media card directly from the printer, there were no jaggies, and no halos in high contrast areas. So for the best results, my conclusion is that you must download your pictures from your PC to a smard media card then print on the P-400. This is kind of tedious.

I am using Camedia Print Driver V1.11 with windows xp pro. Is there anything out there from Microsoft or Camedia that corrects this problem when printing from a PC. It's my feeling that you should get identical results from a PC without having to resample as those generated right from the printer.

Also, one more thing that I noticed that kind of bothered me was that every single photo I printed out has scratch marks in it that look as if they were generated from the paper moving up and down in the printer during the printing process. They go the full length of the paper in a few different spots, and are noticeable mainly when the light reflects off the gloss. I even noticed these on the demo unit I was testing out a couple of weeks ago. I just thought since it was a demo unit, it wasn't set up right. But my brand new unit is doing the same thing. Have others noticed this?

Oh ya, one last thing is that my prints do not come out 100% square with the paper. With my starter cartridge, I was about .05 inches off on the 8.25" length. And now with my new cartdige and paper, I am about .02" off. It still really bothers me since when I use my paper cutter to trim down my prints, it never cuts on a perfect line. If I hold the picture square on the cutter, it wil always cut a little more off at one end of the picture. Is there some sort of adjustment for this? Have others notices this with there P400's?

Well, just thought I would share the reults from my first night of experimenting with my new printer.

Do others experience these same things? I love this printer, and am completely amazed at the print quality. But just wanted to see how others P-400's compare against mine.

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