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birdoasis Jan 10, 2007 4:28 PM

I took a year off from photography to try other things. Now I'm back into and have a shoot that I need to print.

I have set the monitor and printer profile with monocos Opticx XR, and the prints look pale. The people were a bit pale, but still this was almost ghostly. Didn't match the monitor at all.

I went out and bought the Spyder Suite, used the monitor profile for that, and tried all options with the printer, and still can't get a satisfactory print out fo the 440.

Then I decided to change the ribbon and bam it hit me. The expireation date is in 2004. Same on the paper.

Do you think that's the problem? Or am I just wasting more money buy buying new paper and ribbon.

Does anyone have a link that discusses the validity of the expiration date?


John Patrick,

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