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Keekoo Apr 22, 2004 2:51 PM

Please, Help Needed finding Best Price HiTi 640GALA
I've done more homework and have decided on the HiTi 640GALA. A special thanks to everyone who has posted here. I like the 640GALA Partly because it has higher 403dpi and more card slots and while i have never used a stand alone printer, it might be nice not married to the laptop when out of town.

I've searched for a few hours and the best price was at http://www.********.net/

Unfortunately the reviews i have read about "********" were not all happy ones and I live in FL . So printer, 5 packs 4x6 paper and one cleaning kit comes to $381.67 but adding sales tax comes to about $405.00. Had they had excellent reviews everywhere I would have ordered anyway. So far i am not able to get even close to my $381.67 price anywhere i have looked. NewEgg is great, but unfortunately they do not offer the printer...

Anybody out there got any suggestions. I'm looking forward to printing out some pictures... Thanks for your help hope to have printer soon, like next week... thanks again.

Keekoo Apr 26, 2004 2:11 PM

Here is what I found!
Did some more lookng on the web, found a company called NeutronExpress, they got some good reviews on doing business on the web. I talked to Don at extension 226 and placed my order for the 640GALA . The printer was $290.59 and shipping was $9.98 for a total of $300.57 as of today.

Then went to HiTi ordered the 300 pack of paper and a cleaning kit (NeutronExpress did not have one at this time). So, $109.99 and $9.99 for the cleaning kit and $8.59 for shipping comes to $128.57 as of today. OH, HiTi said they liked the customer to order on the web better, so i did.

That's $0.39276 cost per each photo printed. My current plan is to use the 640 GALA for my 4x6 prints and to go to Sam's club and use the Touch Screen for the Frontier 370 (Fuji Machine, about $125,000 new) for the larger sizes up to 8X10. I'm looking at ofoto also for the larger items.... later on i will be getting a epson inkjet and putting on a continous feed ink system, used one before and printed for pennies.... literally. NOTE I uploaded my pictures to Sam's club, it ended up costing more and they said and had a 5 day wait. In store they usually say less than one hour.

When I get my 640GALA , I'll give my out of the box impressions and what happens.... nothing can compare to Steves fine Review on the 640GALA. I'm the type of person that checks out all of the options and bells and whistles on a product, just to make sure it does it and i can make it do it.... may never use some of them again. <grin>. I picked the 640GALA for the higher dpi, stand alone with extra software and bigger selection of memory cards and cost per print.

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