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^Hawk^ Dec 9, 2003 10:03 PM

Printing A70 pictures with HiTi 640
I'm trying to get out of the doghouse, my wife has never forgiven me for buying the A70. She hates the digital camera, mostly because we thought we could print great pictures at home. We currently have an Epson 785EFX and it basically sucks. The ink nozzles clog constantly, and it's expensive to print 4-5 pictures to finally get one that you like. She's been looking at the 4x6 dye subs, and has tasked me with buying one for her. After reading the forums I'm pretty confident on buying the HiTI 640, but today I'm reading about issues because of the aspect ratio that most camera's take pictures in. My wife is looking for a "pop the card in" printer that will give her close to the results she's been getting at Wolf Camera lately. Is she going to have to play around with croping pictures and such. Is the Hiti 640 the best match for an A70 or should I be researching something else. Thanks very much for any help.

Looking forward to getting out of the doghouse,


gibsonpd3620 Dec 10, 2003 8:48 AM

The printer will handle the aspect ratio without a problem. I own the 630ps and it does excellent work. She will believe that she did pick up the photos directly from a photo processing store. I think you will move from the dog house to puppy love.

Merry Christmas

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