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I took my Canon CP-220 back to the shop after 2 days, as I was fed up of the images all coming out to cold (too much cyan). I did write to Canon, but they were no help.

I replaced it with a Hiti Photoshuttle, and although the colours are now spot on I have noticed that all the prints come out very blurry. When comparing pictures between Hiti and Canon CP-220 the Canon ones are crystal clear (you can make out individual blades of grass) where as the Hiti blurs the grass.

After hours of investigating I have worked out that when you load a picture into Photo Desiree and then click the edit image button, the sharpness scale is set to minimum as default.

This means that I have to edit every image I want to print and increase the sharpness manually.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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HiTi makes a great printer but they ought to (set) fire to whoever writes their software. I never use it. Any other photo editing/viewing program works just fine. I use ThumbsPlus, Photoshop, PhotoImpact and the like and they all look great on the HiTi printers.
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yup - gotta agree with Steve. The Taiwanese are about where Japan was 20 years ago in the manual/tec pub. areas.

I have found that they are very helpful with problems. Suggest you go to their web site and put your problem on their forum.

I am working with them now on an unrelated problem.
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You may be better off using a piece of software called Qimage (google for it).

This resamples images perfectly for the printer and quality settings you are using. Best of all its very cheap. Gives proffesional, sharp results everytime. Although this isnt an editing application, as regards to printing, it is better than Photoshop.

I agree, the photodesiree thing is kinda crappy, although the printers themselves are excellent. They shud get some good software designers.
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