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Default Should I hold out? Epson R800/Oly P-440

Initially, I have been eye-balling a Canon printer. Either the i960 or i900d. After discussion, I determined the best between the two would be the i960.

However, someone pointed me to the upcoming Epson R800. Interesting, interesting indeed! :roll:

Upon looking around and reading reviews on Epson printers, someone mentioned the Olympus 400. I found the Oly 440 which appears to be better than the 400.

Has anyone had experience with the Olympus?
How is Epsons track record?

I was also wondering, those who keep an eye on price drops...if a new printer comes out with the price tag of say, $500. after time, how far might that price drop?
I'm sure once techonology advances, costs of "older" products drop.

As it stands, the Oly 440 is out of my price range. The Epson...I can't say that I have heard consistent, solid, positive reviews on their products.

I do own a Canon G3 and I know that their printers tend to be consistently good and within my budget.

I'm just wondering if perhaps I should rethink a few things and hold out.

Picture quality and durability (longevity) do matter a great deal to me.

Any thoughts, advice, experienes anyone care to share on this subject?

*Thanks much*
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I don't really know much about the printers...but I do know that if you want your printer soon, the Olympus 440 doesn't seem to be available anywhere yet...though Amazon did reduce the price by $50 to $449.
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Yes, I've seen that

I've decided on the Hi-Ti 640PL. The Oly was abit out of my price range (for the time being) and from what I've read, based on the p-400, the costs to print will be spendy.
So, I opted for the Hi-Ti.

My second choice for a printer is the Canon i960.
However, I would like to see the reviews on the upcoming Epson R800.

I am going to keep my eyes open for new printers coming out the first quarter of next year. If I'm "wowed" by another printer (other than the i960) I shall spring for it instead and hopefully by April :lol:
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