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Default Some CP200 dissapointment

Hi all. I am the owner of A canon S50 and A conon CP200 Dye Sup printer.

My dissapointment with the CP200 comes with the software side of it. the prints are beautiful. I cannot complain there
But the major programs don't seem to recognise it well. When it is selected as the printer to use in Qimage (I have the trial version), The page is still displayed as letter size. I would like to be able to print passport sized prints but because of this set back, how do I set up the page in Qimage?
Also in Photshop 7.0 there is no image display in the print preview.

I am a Photoshop novice ny the way and so dont know how to put multiple images on one canvas. Is this even possible?

As I said, my main aim is to print out passport sized (1.8"x1.8") prints. Can this be done in PhotoShop? or is something like Qimage a must have?

I really need your help.

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I can understand your frustration. I own the Hi-Ti 640PS and I must say the software that comes with it does the job very well. I'm sure I speak for the majority of HiTi users. I'm sure even "non-PC-geeks" find it simple to use. My friend, who owns a camera shop and who sold me the HiTi commented that the trouble with Canon is that they always introduce new models and sometimes as a result, the supplies (photopapers and ink) for older models are not so readily available as the newer models use different supplies (I guess he was referring to CP-100).

As for your problem of putting passport size photos on the same canvas in PS7, I have some suggestions.

First of all, take note of the properties of all the pictures you want to include for your canvas, paying special attention to the Pixels per inch (or mm, if you use metric) figure. You can do this by using the menu path "Image-Resize-Image Size" (I am using Photoshop Elements 2.0 to illustrate, but I think it shouldn't be that different on PS7) and read off the current "Pixels per ***" figure.

Use the lowest number of the lot. Let's say I choose 72 pixels per inch, which is quite typical for an image.

Now create a new image using the exact dimensions of your paper in INCHES or MILLIMETERS or whatever, but NOT PIXELS. As for Pixels per inch, put 72.

Convert all passport images to 72 pixels per inch. Then change the size of your images to the actual size you want on print, in this case 1.8" by 1.8". Then select the whole passport image (Ctrl A) and copy (Ctrl C). Go to your "New Image" and paste (Ctrl V). Move your passport image around for the desired position. Repeat until there is no more space. Bear in mind the print margin, or rather where the printer can't print.

If you want to save your canvas, try to do a "Merge Visible" in PS7 under "Layers" menu before saving.

Try to print. It should work. I just tried it before finishing this post.

Contact me directly at [email protected] for further discussions if necessary.

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Canon includes a pretty ok print utility with the S50. Try using PhotoRecord. You can easily specify the print size and it will arrange them on your page. I use it to print 2 wallet size prints on my 4x6 sony printer. You can do the same for passport prints.
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Default thanks guys

I found a tutorial on photo-i that helped me with the passport size issue.

One thing is strange however............ I hooked up my printer to my brother's Dell and everything worke properly. I saw the print previews, and margins and everything! I wonder if it is because my computer is a clone or if it has an older version of XP on it. I cant update for various reasons but can try.

Can anyone figure this out?

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