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jtown Apr 2, 2004 9:48 PM

Sony DPP-EX50: Is it borderless or not?!?
So I was looking at photo printers yesterday and saw that Sony's giving a $30 rebate for some of their photo printers. Great. I check the specs. 403x403, borderless prints, PictBridge, etc. Everything I want. I went to pricegrabber to find a good deal and ended up ordering the printer and a "Sony 4 X 6 BORDERLESS PRINT PACK" (75 pages + 3 carts). Well, the printer hasn't arrived yet but the paper did. The paper with borders. :P

At first I thought I'd made some sort of mistake and ordered the wrong paper but I didn't. SVM-75LS. Sony only sells two versions. The 25-pack and the 75-pack. Both have borders. Even if the printer is technically capable of generating real borderless 4x6 prints, that doesn't do me any good if the materials don't exist. So am I missing something here or is sony's claim "Allows 3.5 x 5 and 4 x 6 borderless prints" just a lie? :x

jtown Apr 2, 2004 11:35 PM

BTW, I know there's a 30-pack of 3.5x5 true borderless papers with cart but it's the principle of the thing. ;)

steve Apr 4, 2004 10:50 PM

Are you sure about the "borders" ? I've never heard of any bordered paper for Sony dye sub printers. There -is- a leading and trailing tab that is microperfed and easily removed, it is necessary for the print process. After removing this excess paper from both ends the print is borderless.


jtown Apr 5, 2004 12:23 AM

Well, that's my complaint. :) Last time I bought a photo printer, the definition of "borderless" was edge-to-edge printing on a pre-cut sheet of photo paper. Those microperfed tabs don't leave as clean an edge as pre-cut paper. That's what makes borderless prints such a big deal to me.

jtown Apr 9, 2004 11:48 PM

For the record, the EX50 can not do true borderless 4x6 prints. The way it's designed, this is simply impossible. I just received my printer and I'm disappointed by this to say the least.

In fact, after measuring the tray, I don't think the 3.5x5 "borderless" paper can possibly be borderless. The tray is 3.5x6" in that position. Actually, a hair shorter than 6" but certainly much longer than 5". If I were to put a 3.5x5" piece of paper in there with the tray in the proper position for a 3.5x5" borderless photo pack, it would have nearly an inch of play. From this, I can only surmise that the 3.5x5" pack also has some sort of border which must be removed after printing to produce a borderless print. Ridiculous.

This design means that I don't even have the option of finding a 3rd party source for true borderless print packs. I can't just scoot the end guide in to take up the slack because that causes the edge guides to move in as well. By the time the end guide is in a position to hold a 4x6 sheet, the edge guides have closed to 3.5".

And, for the record, the edges are fuzzy. I've seen worse but the perf'd edge is obvious to both the eye and touch.

To steal a line from South Park, I call shenanigans! ;)

(For those who don't care about having smooth-edged prints, the quality of the images is very good. Good enough that I'm willing to go out and buy a small paper cutter to trim off the fuzzy edges.)

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