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geepondy Feb 20, 2003 8:45 PM

Sony DPP-SV55 vs. other dysubs
Alas the discussion of dye sub printer forums is indeed small but I'll try here....

I own a Sony DPP-SV55. At first I was pleased with the photos and indeed still do love the dye sub durability factor. However, the printer produces fairly low dynamic range if I'm using the correct term. Meaning say a fold on a dark coat doesn't show up very well, otherwise missing the finer details. My Epson photo stylus 870 produced much sharper, deeper prints but the physical attributes were very flimsy. At a casual glance the Sony photos appear decent but when comparing the two prints, the appearance is quite easily noticed.

I'm wondering if all dye sub printers exhibit the same characteristics or are there better 4x6 dyesubs available. I do feel safe in secure giving the Sony dye sub prints as gifts knowing they are not going to fade or smear easily. Anybody else experience the same lack of dynamic resolutions that I've described? Every compare the Sony printer amongst other dye subs? I hope I get some response.

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