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Default sony vs hiti vs canon in the dye sub wars, opinions?

in my opinion, the hiti is the best of em all for dye subs.....i have a hiti 640 and a sony ex7 and have spent time with a canon 300 and the hiti beats the two...the pic quality difference between the three isn't too big a difference if much at all but the hiti cost per print plus its ease of use, different print options and sizes, and software package make it the choice to go (the templates are great)...In the end now though, i have a 13 month old son which i have gotten to the point where i am taking too numerous pictures of and the desiree software for hiti is too slow for me to handle the numbers of what i am trying to do. the good thing is though the drivers are good enough to deliver the same quality from a pc across the board, no matter what program you use to print em. i use adobe album which has a autofix feature which helps me most of the time but i do go to either elements or photoshop when the autofix really does a screw job on the image.

But no matter which printer i choose, at some point i go the pc cuz its editing options obviousy surpass the the abilities of any printer. when editing from a printer with a high megapixel camera, the wait per picture to edit it is way to slow for my taste, especially if your sitting down and doing a ton of pictures per sitting. with the sony, as i comment on later, i edit them but then i still print thru the memory card slot on the printer. the quality is much more controled and better that way.

the sony looks a bit more saturated in color compared to the two which depending on the scenario may or may not be a good thing. the canon is darker then the other two in my opinion and the hiti sits somewhere in between.

there are times where that sony vibrant feel is better though. its kinda when you use the auto fix in the adobe programs, sometimes it makes it look better allthough its exxagerated the look to a point where thats not really how it looked when you made the shot but still in retrospect, it made it look better.

if ya want the pic to look as close as possible to what the shot looked like originally, the hiti is great, the colors are muted but not bland. i have a canon 300d slr digital camera that i use the hiti for to print those cuz at that point , i am looking for the realism aspect. I spent the time choosing lenses, shutterspeed and aperture settings, exposure levels and etc., to get something i was looking for in my head and for that, the hiti for me most closely duplicates that. but then i still do use the sony ex-7 when i use my dumbed down camera, the dsc-t1 and the two work in combination great. i havent noticed it with the hiti but with the sony, if i print thru the pc, the end pic is not as vibrant as if i had just printed directly thru the printer's memory card slot.

as for the canon, its portability beats the other two but when it came to nitpicking on the image quality, i felt it was behind the other two as its images came out darker then the other two, something that can be fixed with a pc but a adjustment that becomes annoying quick. but again, in my opinion, once a dye sub, the qualities of the pics regardless of brand name, is fairly similiar.

that said, for pure quality, my inklet printer is still the best of em all. I still go with the hiti for the 6x4 print though...just easier, already essentially pre-cut, easy to use evn thru the pc, feels like the money to buy the print packs is cheaper then replacing the costly ink cartridges cuz to get the inkjet prints i use the highest of settings (got a hp psc 2510). i try to only use it for 8x10 prints but for the occasional times i use it for lesser sizes, the quality is noticeably different. i know the difference tween a dye sub and a inkjet like its waterproofing abilities but if its a shot thats getting framed and doesnt have to worry about lasting long in the air and the elements, then an inkjet print at the highest settings is just incredible compared to a dye sub...i am a quality freak, i'll do what it takes to get the best, especially if its a pic of my son.

I have thought about the olympus for my 8x10 needs but its lack of ability to give true borderless 8x10's eliminated it from my mindframe immediately. i haven't spent time on it but i have seen the results from it first hand and it wasn't immpressive in my book. if you are makeing a 8x10, you are most likely making it to fit in a 8x10 frame. having a white border short of giving you the true 8x10 seemed pointless and in a frame would just look stupid in my book.

anyway, not a pro by any means. amateur all the way, just looking to strike an honest debate of opinions.
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I have just invested in a Canon CP-220. Even though the Hiti 630 came out better in tests, it cost £60 more than the Canon, and consumables aren't as readily available.

One thing I have noticed with the canon is that all the prints (I did over 60 on the first day) are a little on the cold side. There seems to be a lack of orange/yellow and too much Blue/Green. I took my pictures with a Canon G5 and a EOS 300D, and did not alter them. I also printed them out on my Epson photo printer and on my brothers Canon inkjet. The two inkjets produced a lot more vivid warmer (closer to the original) print than the CP-220.

Other than that, the CP-220 is a joy to use, and doesn't need cleaning all the time.
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My vote is for HiTi. They make one great printer and provide excellent tech support. The prints are as good as any photo lab.
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I unfortunately will have to go with the Sony DPP-EX50. There is only one dealer here that carries the HiTi in Hawaii and they inflate the prices of the prints ($23) for a 50 pack. Ordering online is not really an option since shipping ANYTHING here is rather expensive (UPS & FEDEX don't support Ground rates to Hawaii, only from Hawaii).

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