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Photo of sample images here;

Notice one of the streaks continues into the next image. Paper feeds left to right in relation to the images. i.e. the right edge of the prints come out of the printer first.

I have cleaned the heat bar and can see nothing else to do. Has anyone encountered this before? I'd love to know how to fix it.

Al Stewart
Tualatin, Oregon, USA
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That looks like a ribbon problem. How old is the ribbon? If a dye sub sits too long between prints or the temperature or humidity goes to extremes it can cause ribbon problems. Try taking it out and make sure it rolls freely in the cassette and isn't sticking to itself or has any visible wrinkles.
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Thanks, Steve! I suspected ribbon too, and it may be, but I use up ribbons pretty fast, so I don't think age is a problem. But who knows how long it was on the shelf before I bought it? I have since printed 10 or 12 pages with out problem. Some of those were with the ribbon that gave the problem and some on a new ribbon. I even wonder if some sheets of paper have a flaw.

One thing that is VERY strange is that I have one particular image that was doing it and I was able to rotate it in PhotoShop so the mark didn't bother me (I make plastic photo sculptures and the mark was in the background which I discarded anyway) and I was able to fill the order just fine. Then a few weeks later the customer reordered the same thing and I forgot to rotate it and got the same problem! That sounds like it's in the image file, right? Well, I can't see it in PhotoShop, and it printed just fine on my Kodak 1400 dye-sub.
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