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even factoring out the printer and just going on the cost of paper/ribbon packs, at $17 per 50 sheets that's .34 a 4x6 print. . . .then you add in the inital cost of $169 for the 630 or $254 for the 640 and it hardly seems like a value at all, when most can make a short trip to their local walmart and have chemical prints in an hour for .26 per 4x6 or never have to leave the house and use shutterfly or ofoto and have those prints in a few days for right about the same price.

price per print would have to be way lower for me to justify spending money on any kind of photo printer and doing prints at home. If I could get the costs down to .10 or under per 4x6 factoring in paper and ink, I could justify dropping cash on a photo printer. . .. . . .until then the walmart photo people will know me very well.
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Originally Posted by gibsonpd3620
The 640 ps accepts more memory types and produces 400 dpi print quality. I would not sell my 630 ps because my media works in the printer and I am extremely pleased with the 630 print quality. Hope this helps.

What is your opinion on the following posts about HiTi?

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You should use walmart for your printing if you are only interested in cost per print. At 26 cents per print, driving expenses for your car, tires, insurance, oil etc it is cheaper. Owning a printer for the home to print is not a required with Walmart, Costco, Walgreens and other outlets that will do the printing for you.


I looked at the link and I think the reviewer is incorrect with his evaluation. I have the HP5550 and it does a beautiful job with printing but the HiTi is a superior printer.
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