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Default HELP! Screwed up pictures last night, how to fix?

I was/am the designated photographer for my son's soccer team. I got tasked to taking pictures for senior night. I don't normally work with a flash, but knew I would need one. So I rented one, and took a couple test pictures before the festivities started. I was just looking at exposure and not closely at the image (one of many mistakes I made). Exposure looked good, so off I go...

I had the flash (Nikon SB-9000?) in TTL and the cam (Nikon D5000) in Full Auto (I should have had it in shutter priority, I know... another mistake). It would grab a focues, and snap the picture. However, the images are (sort of) doubled. One thing I did right was I shot them all in RAW + JPG, but not sure if that will help. I've been playing around with various tricks I've found online and had some success from some, but nothing that would eliminate the double image (look at the school name on the jersey). Does anyone have ideas for me? This picture is just one of many I need to try to fix.

Thank you!

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I have had some success with a program called Image Analyzer, which has a pretty good deconvolution algorithm, and has rescued some blurred and out-of-focus shots for me. Free to download, but there is not a lot in the way of tutorials or assistance. Topaz Labs' plug-in for Photoshop (and other editors that support it) called Infocus, I believe, is also very good and seems a bit simpler to use, and has on-line help. I think you can d/l a trial version to determine if it suits your needs.

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