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This post is about how to edit H264-MP4 720p footage straight coming from machines like Sanyo HD1000, Sanyo HD700, Sanyo CG-65 and the likes.
It got originally posted here :

SonyVegas Movie Studio 8.0 came as an answer. Three different versions available with different capabilities :

-Low Cost 34.95 eur (maxresolution 800x 600 -custom WMV9 output profile)
-Platinum 59.95 eur (max resolution1440x1080 - custom WMV9 output profile)
- Pro 526.95 eur (max resolution1920x1080 - custom MP4 output profile)

Remembering and thanking myhd1000 whoprovidedideal HD1000 720p30fps genuine footage like (this is only an example) :
More precisely (all genuine HD1000 files in various modes including 720p60fps) :

In a nutshell, using Sony Vegas, you will need to manage the default parameters for gettinga 16:9 full screen playable video, keeping the 720p resolution intact, and gettingaccurate 16:9 text panels. Ifyou intend toedit and keepthe 16:9 720p resolution intact, there is no other choice than opting for Sony Vegas Platinum, stillaffordable at 59.95 eur.

You can download a 30-day Sony Vegas Platinum trial here :
There are no limitations nor watermarks.

Unfortunately, if you want to editand keep the 16:91080i resolution footage,you'll need Sony Vegas Pro at 526.95 eur. This is the bad news.

So, let us now concentrate on editing 16:9 720p footage at a bargain price using Sony Vegas Platinum.

************************************************** **********

1. getting a16:9 full screenplayable video using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0

All what is needed is to go into Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 : File Menu / Properties and make sure there is a 16:9 ratio in the image size setting.I have not played with pixel proportion asI left pixel proportion equal to 1:1.

Here are the various 16:9 possibilities, depending on the version you are running.

- Low Cost : 568x320 for standard definition in 16:9 - saved using a WMV9 format at 6 Mbit/s - what you get is something not exciting, it looks like what you get from an old 1/6 inch 470K pixels mono-CCD SD camcorder, with noticeable interline artifacts and of course a deceptiveresolution. The only advantage here is that we are 16:9 and not-interlaced so less fuzz. I suppose that the newest1/6 inch 700K pixels mono-CCD SD camcorders (aka Canon MD235), advertized as 16:9, areproducingsomething close to this.Not to be used in our case, as with a native 720p image as source, we are destoying all finevisual details.
Resulting file : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7ZWTXYED

- Low Cost : 800x448 for improved definition in 16:9 (this is the limit of the less expensive Sony Vegas version as it cannot go above 800 pixels in width or600 pixels in height) - saved using a WMV9 format at 9 Mbit/s -what you get is somethingconvincing because of 16:9,not-interlaced so less fuzz, anddecent resolution. Comparable to what the best3-CCD 1/6 inch SD DV camcorders weredelivering about 4 years ago (aka Panasonic GS300, GS320, and the newest GS330), but nowin 16:9.Weget agood surprise here.
Resulting file :http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G7K9IYBV

- Platinum : 1280x720 forHD 720p- saved using a WMV9 format at 12 Mbit/s -and we are still okay when played on a oldPentium 4 processor at 2.8 GHz. Flawless resultvirtually undistinguishable from the genuine 720p footage.
Resulting file :http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KW6UPUSX

- Platinum : 1280x720 for real HD 720p- saved using a WMV9 format at Variable Bit Rate with quality parameter set at 93%. Leading to13 Mbit/s average for this movie -and we are still okay when played on a oldPentium 4 processor at 2.8 GHz. Flawless resultvirtually undistinguishable from the genuine 720p footage.
Resulting file :http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KCYMID98

- Pro : 1280x720 forHD 720p - saved using a MP4 format with VBR at 9 Mbit/s average with max peaks allowed18 Mbit/s. Leading to 15 Mbit/s average for this movie- but this encoding scheme is toodifficult for an old Pentium 4 processor at 2.8 GHz. I get hiccups so I can't say if this is better than the 720p WMV9 VBR set at Q=93%.
Resulting file :http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LYA5NDXS

- Pro : 1920x1080 also possible. Have not tried.

************************************************** **********

2. gettingaccurate 16:9 text panelsusingSony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0

- Low Cost : for a 568x320 project thetext panels sould be628x320
- Low Cost : for a 800x448 project thetext panels sould be880x448
- Platinum and Pro : for a 1280x720 project thetext panels sould be1408x720

************************************************** **********

So it is essential to remember that :

1) The three different versions of Sony Vegas do have limitations in term of project resolution. Under the file menu / Properties, onlyVegas Platinum cansupport16:9 720p and onlyVegas Pro can support 16:9 1080p or 1080i.

2) At the final stage of rendering (file menu / Make movie) onemust create and save a custom output profile. This is not a trivial task. You are dealing with sound quality (sampling frequency - bitrate - compression). You are dealing with video quality (compression parameters - chose between constant bit rate or variable bit rate - and so on).Editable WMV9 profiles areavailable in Vegas Platinum. Editable WMV9 and editable MP4 profiles are available in Vegas Pro.

3) Rev2010 who is using VegasProin 16:9 1080i wasrecommending :

I edit simple stuff in camera but everything else is done in Vegas Pro. I re-render (Make movie) using MainConcept's AVC/AAC codec which is the closest to Sanyo's. Below are my settings:

Under Project Settings make sure to choose 8bit Pixel Format! - much faster and looks the same
You have to choose custom frame size and set to 1920 x 1080.
Profile is Main.
Frame Rate is 29.970 for USA
Lower Field first usually but it depends on your clip. You can check by looking at the properties of the clip in Vegas to see if it's Lower or Upper Field first.
Pixel Aspect is 1.00
Do Not Use Deblocking Filter - except for bitrates below original
Render as Best Quality - almost same rendering speed and looks better
The bitrate is up to you. But, to get identical qualityyou need to use a higher bitrate - something like 16 or 18mbps, I don't recall exactly.

Hope this summary about Sony Vegas can help the communauty.

Many thanks to myhd1000 and Rev2010 who provided a lot ofuseful information.


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Thanks for the information, the Sony vegas verson 9 platinum is now available

as is Corel videostudio X2 free trial worth trying
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