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Hi everyone

New to this forum.....

I regularly need to send 200-300 Mb of photos, the only way that i can do this at the moment is to stick them on a CD and post them!!

Does anyone know any software that can help without resizing them so they are the size of thumbnails! i need to keep to quality high.

Any suggestions welcome

Cheers Thomas
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Send them to where and for what purpose?

If for printing, you need higher resolution images. If you resize them to "size of thumbnails", they won't be very good for printing (or even viewing if that small).

If you are only sending them to someone for viewing on screen versus printing, then I'd probably resize them to around 800x600 pixels.

But, if you need to actually print from them, I'd keep them larger.

If they're only for use by friends and family, I'd consider using a service that allows you to post your photos online. That way, rather than sending the photos to those that want to see them, you can just send them a link to an online album. I like http://www.pbase.com (but, there are many services available, and some of them are free).

BTW, one way to send large files is to use a service like http://www.yousendit.com

You could zip your images into a single file and send them to someone that way. Basically, they get a download link to the files (and it's a free service).

If you have a genuine need to resize the images, then I'd download Irfanview from http://www.irfanview.com (it's free). You may want to download the free plugins, too.

You can either convert one image at a time (under Image, Resize/Resample), or you can convert multiple photos using Batch Mode.

To use Batch Mode, go to "File, Thumbnails" and select a folder. Then, use the "File, Start Batch Dialog with Selected Thumbnails" menu choice. You can add more photos to the ones you want to process then.

Make sure to select a different output directory so that you don't overwrite the originals (especially since you don't want to ruin them if you make a mistake). Also, make sure to select the "Options" button by your file format you're saving in (which should default to jpeg), so that you can select the desired JPEG Quality via a Quality Slider.

Then, select the "Advanced" button and you'll have lot of options (including resizing, converting to grayscale, etc.).

Here is a screen capture...

If you're not using batch mode (converting one file at a time instead), when you use the save aschoice under the file menu, you can set the file type and options there.

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as jim said u cannot resize them to thumbs and then make them big again

cd's in the uk are about £12 per 100 thats 12p each, the costly bit is postage, u can get thin cardboard pouches that will let u send on a first class stamp, lets call that 60p so just sending 10 out can cost £6 obviously i dont know how many cds u send etc, but a viable alternative would be to get some decent webspace upload there and then give the link out and let people look and take what they need 200 to 300 photos could easily be the same amount in megs, which is beyond the "free" space offered by places


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