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How do I save an image in Photoshop at 300dpi?

Thanks. ToshmaC
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Umm, you mean ppi , pixels per inch ?

PS is not on this computer but if I remember correctly

Image - resize - image size, type 300 in the resolution box, make sure resample is not ticked.

Then you can save as normal.

All changing the ppi will do at this stage is change the reported document size (when you don't add or subtract pixels by resampling obviously.)

Just remember you don't really have to do this at all.

Eg lets say your image is 3000 x 3000 pixels and your editor reports the resolution as72ppi.

The resolution is only 72ppi when printed at 41 2/3 in x 41 2/3 in

You don't have to bother changing the resolution because when you print at 10x10 inches the ppi automatically becomes 300!

Therefore if you have been asked to provide an image at 300ppitell them they are an idiot as ppi depends on the final print size.

A 300 x 300 pixel imageis 300 ppi when printed at 1in x 1in

And a 3000 x 3000 pixel image is 300ppi when printed at 10x10 inches butonly 150 ppi when printed at 20x20 inches !

So asking you to save a 300ppi image is pointless unless you know the final print size.

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I save all of my photo's at 300 in case I need to make a large print later on. My D200 JPG images are 8.64 inch by 12.907 inch at 300 and that is what I always save the original untouched file at. You want to keep all of the information that is available.

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