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gagetnut There are tons of these on Ebay. I just grabbed the first I saw. PSP XI is the latest version and just recently released. This is a CD-only released for sale with new equipment. So they send you a little something to make it legal – I got a blank CDR. But it is the full program and can be registered and updated with Corel. http://cgi.ebay.com/COREL-PAINT-SHOP...QQcmdZViewItem

Elements is hobbled to keep a market for the full Photoshop. Basics like actions are missing, and even Photoshop can't handle vector graphics because they want you to buy Illustrator. PSP is a more full featured program than Elements IMO.

I've used Photoshop for over ten years (since version 3) and CS is still my primary image editor. So I'm not anti-Adobe in any way. I picked up PSP X on Ebay so I could learn it and have some integrated vector abilities. It is an excellent program and you won't grow out of it anytime soon. If you intend learning image editing I think it is the best bang for the buck.

I find Gimp difficult to learn but admittedly didn't spend a lot of time with it. You might try the free Photofiltre that Herb listed, but it doesn't support layers which is basic to image editing.

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guillermovilas wrote:
....;For instance i like the "clarify" feature but i don`t see how i can batch all my pics with this feature ?

Or let`s say i`d like to convert them all to b&w but with a personal setting involving higher contrast or brightness & sharpness applying at the same time noise removal,
is ths possible ?

Another problem i don`t seem to understand is when i click on the "smart autofix"feature i can`t see the "ok" & "cancel" buttons at the buttom of the opened window therefore i cannot use this feature at all , do you know why this is so ? how can i correct it ?
As long as you want to use the same degree of clarify on each file, you can set up a script then run a batch process using the script. Should be the same with the other things you mention, but I haven't tried anything like that.

I can barely see the OK & cancel buttons on the smart photo fix from PSP- XI on one of my computers . It is a function of monitor resolution, I believe, since it is fine on my other computer that I run at higher screen resolution.
Unfortunately Corel didn't see fit to let that window be actually resizable.

So, you can increase screen resolution, if possible(1280X1024 works fine; 1024X768 will show just enough to click on, at least on my two machines.). If you can't boost resolution enough, then you can just hit your {enter} key for OK and just click the regular window close button X to cancel.

Hope that helps.
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Well the resolution change doesn`t help on my computer but you are right that clicking the "ok"button solutions the problem , still i don`t understand that Corel hasn`t thought of making this more user friendly , it`s a big flaw in what is supposed to be a complete and accurate software utility.

As for my other problem , thank you for letting me know that i have to use the "script" feature for my batch work.

Unfortunately i seem to have a problem using this feature and you can maybe tell me where i am going wrong ?
I take a pic and i click on the "start recording" to record all the enhancements i want to make to my futur group of pics ..once this is done i click on "save recording" and give a name to my setting.
I leave my pic and i open a new group of pics, i then click on the "batch process" feature and choose the setting i just memorised and when i launch the lot :
My first pic (the one i used to configure my script) comes back onscreen and the whole process blocks. I get the message that windows has to shut down my program and do i want to send a message to microsoft concerning the problem ?

Where am i going wrong ? probably at the moment where i decide to record the script ?

Thank you for helping me.

Here is another pic i made with the "clarify" feature , i like the reflections in the sunshades
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I use RAWSHOOTER which is free to download, and $99 for the pro version.

Easy to use and very effective.

Lately I've been using a MAC, and IPHOTO is pretty easy to use.

Howver, for Windows, you can't beat RAWSHOOTER for smple RAW photo editing!

-- Terry
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I have Photoshop Elements 1 that was bundled with a Nikon camera, is it possible to buy the CS2 upgrade and use it?

The Pse1 is great but I would like more. Picasa from Google is a great free basic editor.
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