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I need a software to convert my Raw pictures. I have no information about the qualities of the existing softwares. Do you know where I can find a review of the newest software or if someone of you can help me choose one. It is no matter what type of raw images does the software support, it is only about the quality.
I did read that Phase one make good raw converting software, but is it the best? It can be obvious, that some of the software are good at some things, other one in others, that's why I would like to read some of the Reviews, if there are such.

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Google is your friend! :-D

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My opinion:

Photoshop CS2 can't be beat. Check their website and see if the camera you use is listed.I have a Nikon D200 and I own Nikon Capture and I still prefer CS2 for all of my processing weather it is jpg or raw.

I also have ACDsee but removed it from my computer because it was so complicated and never functioned properly. They just always keep trying to get you update for more $$$$ and the program always tried to take over the computer. Big waste of time and money."My personal opinion and not anything against ACDsee because maybe somebody out there may have gotten it figured out how to use it"

I'll just stick with Photoshop CS2 because it does everything I ever need and it does it all very good. I did join the (NAPP) which is the national association of photoshop users because they do offer discounts on a lot of programs as well as providing a lot of free tutorials to it's members. I also receive photoshop magazine as part of the membership package. Go to :

http://www.photoshopuser.com and check them out.


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I do agree with Ronnie.
I use CS2 for most things. I am betaing Adobe Lightroom and it looks like it wil also be a contender when it makes it to the stores.

I went a similar route had acdsee, have RawShooter Esentials(free) which is now owned by Adobe.

Tried PhaseOne demo, looks good but seems expensive package since I already have PSCS2
Bibble also seems good, but dosen't seem to offer much I can't do in PSCS2.
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My opinion differs slightly from the others here.
I use photoshop CS2, and Adobe Camera Raw (their RAW converter plugin) but I wouldn't say its the "best."

I did a side-by-side test awhile back with a few programs and found that CS was the fastest and the quality was "good". Not the best, but good. Its blues & reds were a bit less saturated than they were from breeze browser. But that software was so slow as to not be worth it for the slight difference.

Since I was already using CS for regular editing, using CS fit perfectly with my workflow.

The downside is that Photoshop is really expensive.

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You can use Adobe Camera RAW with their much less expensive Photoshop Elements software
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i would like to add another to the list: Silkypix. TheirV.3 Beta just came out and has a great workflow, a free 30 trial, and more features than one could imagine. I have been using their earlier version for over a year. Their one drawback is that their manuals are the pits.
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