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Default Please tell me how to do this.........

Hi, could someone please tell me how to cut out a part of a image and paste it into another image? I know this is a dumb question, but i am very ignorant when it comes to this type of stuff. By the way, i am using Paintshop Pro 7. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, on a different question. I have a couple of images that are like 200kb. I need these images to be at 100 kb or a little less. Is there somewhere in Paintshop that will tell you what the kb is before you save the pic?
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What editing program are you using?
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Whoops....just saw that you had that in your post.

Open both pictures, select the area that you want to move, copy it (edit>copy) then make the other picture the active one and past your copied selection. That should make a new layer that you can then move around.

For your secound question, see if PSP has a save-for-the-web option. If it does, that's the easiest way to reduce it. There are several other ways.
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In PSP, click File|Save as and specify a new file name (so you don't overwrite your original file). Make sure that "Save as type" is set to JPEG.

Click Options, then Run Optimiser, then Use Wizard. Push the slider about half way up the scale and click Next. The preview will show the effect of the compression and the size of the compressed file. If it is too small or too large, click Back and adjust the slider - up for a larger, better quality file, down for a smaller file. When you've achieved the right file size, click Finish.

Remember that if you reduce the PHYSICAL SIZE of the image, this will also reduce the file size. Never post images on the web that are larger than necessary, i.e. if you want to display a photo 400 pixels wide, resize it to that width in PSP before posting. Don't post a large picture and force it to display at a smaller size by specifying the size in the IMG tag.

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