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I got the daemons (Windows calls them "services") configured correctly so the Canon ZoomBroswer software can auto-download images correctly. I don't know if this affects all XP users or only me as a "regular user". But it should work okay. I'll try it out shortly.

I installed PS Elements 5 as administrator. I normally use XP as a regular user. When I start PS Elements 5, I get a dialog that says "I might not be able to access all features" or something. Is this a harmless 'nag' warning, or am I going to have trouble?

Will I be able to access templates, etc. as a regular user? Some files (templates? more?) are on an NTFS partition, here:

C: + Documents and Settings + All Users + Application Data + Adobe + PS Elements + 5.0
(backslashes cause smileys and fail to show up, etc., and I can't fix this, so I used + signs)

My pics are on E: + My Pictures, a FAT 32 partition (FAT = incapable of permissions).

I searched "restricted user" at Adobe's forums and it pointed me toward Microsoft kb 308421, changing default permissions on a folder. First, I'm not used to the "windows way" and the terms used -- compare Mozilla's settings with IE's "zones". Second, I don't even know if I'll have any trouble.

So before I go any further, I thought I'd ask here. Am I going to have problems or not?

(After many years of Linux, I know a thing or two about rights and changing permissions. And I rarely need to do so. But in Windows, I'm hopelessly lost.)

Nero takes "regular / admin" privileges into account when writing their product. But it seems like almost nobody else does (except spyware authors, but they concentrate on how to get around the security model, elevating privileges for evil purposes).

Will I have problems with my setup, do you think?

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I would uninstall and reinstall both ZoomBrowser and Elements with everything set to default. I'm guessing your message is a result of your foray into services and might best be avoided.

My C drive and external storage drives are NTFS and the drive I usually download my images to is FAT32 because I moved the drive from another computer. It has caused no problems. Windows seems quite happy with having both file systems.

Downloading through an application is for beginners and you seem to already be more advanced in Windows than a lot of users. I would guess you are using Windows Explorer rather than the beginner's My Computer for file management. The camera should show as a drive when connected and turned on. Some cameras require you to initiate something like a transfer button on the cradle before it shows as a drive.

I think you will find that most advanced users transfer the files directly from the drive letter to a folder of their choice. Even if you really prefer downloading through ZoomBrowser there is probably no need to configure services. Get the camera to show as a drive. Right click on the drive and select Properties > Autoplay > Pictures. Check "Select an Action to Perform" and ZoomBrowser should be a choice. I wouldn't install ZoomBrowser even if I had a Canon camera, but I would suppose it can be configured to download to your folder of choice once it opens by default to display the photos on the camera. Doing it that way might avoid your problem with Elements.

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