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Does anyone know of a raw converter (must work with *istDL) that is compatible with Windows Me? Preferably free or low-cost?

I have photoshop 7.0, so if there's a plug-in that will allow me to work with my RAW files in PS7, that would work too.

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Camera Raw 1.0 was introduced in PS7, but it is no longer available. Even if it were, I think that the Pentax ist is too new to have been supported.

You might check out a program called UFRaw. It's free and reportedly gives pretty good results. Don't know whether it supports your camera, though.

It's supposed to work with WinMe, but results are less sure than with XP.

I tried UFRaw on my WinMe system some time ago, and everything worked fine up to the point where you convert your edited RAW file. For some reason, it would never do the Save As step to TIFF or JPEG. I just got a generic error message. The guy who created UFRaw is pretty accessable through the UFRaw forums, and said that other people running ME have not had such problems.

Anyway, the price is right and the base code is built from the same algorythms that Camera Raw and several other premium RAW converters use, so visit the site to see whether it supports your camera!

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