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I copied this photo off another board. I used to be able to do this with some success the old fashioned way, but am completly stymied how to do it digitally.

Any thoughts, ideas, or tutorials will be greatly appreciated.

aka jzzmusician

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I'm betting that there were multiple techniques used, including (but not limited to) conversion to grayscale (many ways to do this, each giving somewhat different results); selective sharpening of the lips, eyes, eyebrows and hair; blemish repair and slight, selective softening of the skin and general dodging 'n burning.

In short, there are probably six different ways to accomplish each of these things. What you want is some tutorials on digital portrait retouching. Enter those last three words into the search engine of your choice and you'll find lots of good stuff!

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That photo certainly illustrates the pitfalls of indifferent or unskilled digital retouching. The line between the lips, the one below the lower lip, and the one along the right side (as we view it) of her nose are especially crude. I DO understand that the photo was merely posted as an example of the effect you would like to achieve.
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I'd like to see the BEFORE image so I could make a more informed post, but there are lots of ways to improve portraits. Selecting the eyes and lips with a light feather (maybe 5-10 pixels) and inverting the selection before softening the rest of the face is a common approach. I might layer the eyes and lips as well to give more control and a popular thing is to keep and/or enhance the colour of the eyes. Inverting again and sharpening the eyes and lips I would do next, maybe using the clone tool at low opacity to reduce the bags under the eyes. Converting the image to greyscale would be next, keeping the colour in the eyes if I wanted to.
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if ur lazy there is a 3rd party plugin for photoshop thats called Imagenomic Portraiture that does all that smooth stuff

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looks like they turned it black and white, then sepia-ed it a bit.
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